Victory for Vladimir Putin!

13 Dec

The current Russian Prime Minister, and soon to President, again, is no doubt facing a small, but fierce backlash from the public.

This is not least due to the integrity, or lack of, in recent electoral ballots, but also a response seen in Greece and Italy, when the public no longer have faith in their ruling, and often corrupt politicians.

Those Russians who are protesting against Putin, and his cronies, are not just protesting about the ballot, but Putin himself, and what he could possibly hope to achieve that he should have achieved in his previous years of office.

That his efforts to switch places with the current President, Dmitry Medvedev, and manoeuvre himself into position as the next President, not only seems a step to far, but is conceivably, a desperate act and corrupt in itself. It is most certainly unconstitutional and would require a change in law, which has been achieved through reforms since he was given, or demanded his current office, in 2008.

A key reason this stinks of corruption, is that Putin’s party, are required to win this current election, before Putin can re-elect himself as Russian President, for a third term. Without an overall party majority, Putin will either remain Prime Minister, or be ousted from office, if his party were to loose. So, we can see why it is that Putin has been accused of tampering with ballot boxes, which would not be the first time either.

Although he has brought change under his past leadership, which has no doubt done some good for the country and its people, Putin has always been an autocratic leader, using his experience gained in the FSB (former KGB) to bring down and silence his opponents, through forced imprisonment, exile, assassination, or confiscating their companies and assets.

This makes Russia one of the most corrupt nations of the world, the most dangerous, and undemocratic to live and do business, which Putin has exploited through his connections with the country’s crime bosses, in paying back-handers, blackmail, and falsifying evidence and swaying legal judgments of those who defy him. No wonder Silvio Burlusconi is one of his heroes.

That Dmitry Medvedev, appears to have admitted possible corruption at the ballot box, if proven true, is clear evidence of Putin, once again, exercising his powers of intimidation and persuasion to continue to assert his power over the Russian people and politik and inflate his ego as a strong man.

For Russia to really prosper and see change, in becoming a fairer, and democratic society, Putin and Medvedev must be kicked completely out of politics, and someone new, with a new approach and dynamism to effect change, must be voted in by the public. And, if that does not happen on fair terms, then the Russian people should continue to protest and riot.

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Author: Jason Schumann

Tags: Cultural_Analysis, Debating Culture,Vladimir Putin, Russian riots, Russian corruption, Mikhail Prokhorov, Kommersant, Democracy in Russia, Katia Zatuliveter, Russian politics, Russian Spy, Medvedev, Twitter, Andrei Galiyev


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