Lashes for Saudi Women Who Disobey Driving Ban

14 Dec

Saudi Arabia, is one of the least progressive Islamic nations, receptive to changing or adapting aspects of Islam that often create conflict of a cross-gender, cultural and generational nature. This is not least evident in the driving ban placed on Saudi women, where they face being lashed if found driving. This is why the Women2drive campaign is one important initiative of Saudi life that can create change and bring about greater equality in an increasingly ultra-conservative society.
The basis for such a ban is that female drivers are an affront to their families and Islam itself, in that women drivers promote the denigration of Islam and Saudi society itself, through divorce, homosexuality, and prostitution. What women driving has to do with any of this, is beyond belief. Nonetheless, this is what the Saudi Royal family, Sharia court, and the majority of Muslim men, would have Saudi society and the rest of us believe.
Despite recent changes in permitting Saudi women to become involved in the Shura Council, this is one example that demonstrates male thinking on the subject of equality of women in society, and that they are not living in a period of liberation and equality under Islamic tradition.
For this to change, in respect and inclusion of Muslim women, there needs to be a complete and fundamental abandonment of a ‘minority consciousness’. This is presumably a view held by men and women, and must take place in ‘complete fidelity to the principles of Islam’, in the present and in the future context of Islam in the west, according to those such a Tariq Ramadan (2004, p141).

Author: Jason Schumann

Tags: Cultural_Analysis, Debating Culture,Islam, Islamic women, Islamic women’s rights, Saudi women, Shura council, Islamic women’s equality, Women and driving, Sexist muslim men/a>, Saudi royal family, Muslim equality, Lashes for Islamic women drivers, Human rights


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