Douglas Murray and Neoconservatism

15 Dec

In short, Murray is an Imperialist Conservative and an extremely conservative one at that. His candour is often superior and dismissive, though this likely stems from an insecure childhood, possibly due to bullying and ill health. Murray is the sort who steps over a homeless person when leaving the theatre.
If this seems like a character assassination, then it is! I cannot stand this individual! Notice I do not call him a man, or a human being!
His views on other cultures and non-Christian faiths are simply that of Conservatism in a different guise. This is partly evident in comments he made on an episode of BBC 1’s Question Time programme, in which he stated that westerners behave better than those in the Middle Eastern countries.
Although he is thought to have been referring to Islamic Fundamentalists, one might aver that he was in fact referring to all in Middle East, and that the British in particular, are the better behaved and more civilized. ;
We might call this ‘Murray’s burden’ to cleanse the world of Islamic extremism and bring civilization to the disparate people of the Middle East. The short answer is that we are neither better behaved, nor more civilized.
(During the showing of Question Time, I might add that I sent him an email (in quite a drunken state) issuing a fatwa against him, although I am not Muslim or Arabic, which I later apologized for when I sobered the next morning) ;
In any event, his hatred of Islam is clearly evident. We only need look at the constant references and comparisons he makes between Islam and Nazism. Further, he states, Middle Eastern countries “are presently run by despots, crackpots and crime-syndicate families”.
(One might secretly think that he longs for Hitler to be resurrected as a modern day messiah, so that he can wipe out the scourge that is Islam).
We might also question Murray as to how “philosophical” and “moral” and righteous it is of him to perpetuate such tripe of religious and cultural division, in his diabolical generalisations of millions of people residing in the East and the West. ; I must say, the only thinking in Murray’s “thought-world” that has gone bad, is his own, and his pernicious vitriol (if unchallenged) will turn others thoughts bad or worse.
By his own assertion, he is a traditionalist, who prefers the status quo, that is, one akin to the ideals of the fallen and forgotten British Empire. Rather than embrace the processes and cultural artefacts of increasing globalization, he prefers the ‘not-in-my-backyard’, unless on my terms approach. Well, sorry Murray! There is now a new world order, and it does not involve Britain or the United States in the driving seat.
Murray also appears to applaud the atrocities committed by acts of rendition on the frontline (as with the US soldiers who photographed themselves encouraging their captives to sodomize and perform tricks on each other) and the beatings and water-boarding that took place in Guantanamo. Does Murray really think this kind of treatment makes westerners better than anyone else?
His apparent idea that the West is somehow superior is also defined by his constant references and unnerving animosity toward Islam and the Middle East as being the “enemy”. That the West is now on a path to “auto-self-destruct”, is one of its own making. The truth is that, it is the West that has created these “fissures”, and it is Murray who is perpetuating them.
That Murray deludes himself, and others, that we are “are winning comprehensively on the field of foreign battle; but we are losing this war at home”, is a further example of his imperialist intentions and nihilism of anything that is not Christian and therefore more civilized. Where are his words of compassion, of understanding, of acceptance, community, and of peace?
These important attributes and ideals ought to be the foundations of our co-existence. They are not, so-called signs of “dhimmitude”, as Murray would have everyone believe. The key fact to note here, is that the advocation of such human qualities, are not signs of capitulation or subjugation. They are signs of a progressive and civilized society. It is certainly not the belief that “all cultures are equal”, but, that “all cultures should be equal”.
As Murray said, “Grievances become ever more pronounced the more they are flattered and the more they are paid attention to”. So, do not pay him any attention, unless we wish to divide societies and cultures ever more.

Author: Jason Schumann

Tags: Cultural_Analysis, Debating Culture, Douglas Murray, Centre for Social Cohesion, Imperialism, Politics of Co-existence, Islamism, dhimmitude, Fundamentalism, Neoconservatism, Henry Jackson Society, BBC Question Time, Terrorism, Islamaphobia, Murray’s Burden, Middle East, thought-world


3 Responses to “Douglas Murray and Neoconservatism”

  1. neocon December 16, 2011 at 12:32 pm #

    “his imperialist intentions and nihilism of anything that is not Christian and therefore more civilized.”

    Douglass Murray has not articulated imperialist intentions. At home and abroad, he affirms a pluralistic, multi-racial, democratic state. Your reference just above must be a buzzword for his support of the war on terror. Murray affirms a common British identity in Great Britain. Such an affirmation on his part necessitates the existence of a basic, accessible, civic morality. For example, it is morally wrong to fly planes, with innocent civilians onboard, into towers. Accordingly, it is also wrong to throw innocents off the tops of buildings, even when Papa Sadman says it is good to do so. These actions are wrong. They are morally wrong anywhere. What Murray attacks, consistently then, is the nihilism and moral relativism found in hardcore multiculturalism, which would tolerate, or even affirm, such actions as mere alternative, and valid, modes of cultural expression. He believes Islam is inherently violent, and as such, should be rejected as a moral equal to Christianity.
    Either you do not understand Murray’s views or you simply ignore them.


    • debatingculture December 16, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

      Thank you for expressing your view.

      However, that either yourself or Murray would assert “Islam is inherently violent, and as such, should be rejected as a moral equal to Christianity”, is clearly in itself, not only a diabolical generalization and morally reprehensible statement to label some 2 billion Muslims in the world, but also demonstrates an imperialistic superiority and misguided ignorance.


      • neocon December 16, 2011 at 7:37 pm #

        pish posh


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