Is Britain Great?

15 Dec
That Britain has lost its position in the world, including its empire and territories, economic, cultural and political clout, is no doubt, a clear message that Britain is not as great as it once considered itself. That Britain refuses to involve itself in Europe as much as it may derive additional benefit, and continues to involve itself in contentious, geopolitical issues, also serves to diminish the greatness of Britain. That MP expenses, and journalists tapping phones, has created scandal, is further evidence of this.
But can we see a light at the end of the tunnel? One might consider of what it is to be British, and what Britain stands for as a nation. Britain, if you pardon the cliché, is a melting pot, of ideals, cultures, views, faiths, and experiences. This is part of what enables Britain to retain its greatness. It validates who the British are as a nation, and makes Britain one of the most progressive and inclusive nations in the world today.
We need only look at how far Britain is prepared to scrutinize itself, in the gaze of the world, to find solutions to those parts of society and social order, that are damaging to British society, as a reflection of its continued greatness. For, nowhere else in the world, would there be a Leveson Inquiry into press intrusions and illegal surveillance. Not in the United States, France, Australia, Brazil, Russia, or China. These countries prefer to ignore, condone, or sweep such issues under the proverbial carpet, out of public view and disdain.
Indeed, nowhere else in the world, would any other nation, consider the basic rights of Katia Zatuliveter, a Russian, suspected of spying against British interests. And, even if they did, nowhere else in the world, would the government or judiciary of another nation find in favour of the rights of a suspected, female, Russian spy.
As for the British public, who make Britain great, no where else in the world, would the people of a nation complain in their tens of thousands, against a national broadcaster, against the ranting of Jeremy Clarkson, a car journalist and TV presenter, who believes striking teachers, nurses, and care workers, should be shot in front of their families, because they are striking to protect their futures and livelihoods, because their pensions are being raided to plug a financial hole created by bankers.
Neither would the people of another nation, as the British public did, voice their outrage at the ranting of Emma West, a single, female parent, in receipt of social security benefit, who launched a tirade of racial abuse on public transport in Croydon, south London.
Although Britain has a long way to go, it is certainly a fairer, and more equal society, than anywhere else in the world, which is why, I say, Britain is still great!

Author: Jason Schumann

Tags: Cultural_Analysis, Debating Culture,Is Britain great, Emma West, Jeremy Clarkson, British Society, Great Britain, British Justice, Katia Zatuliveter, Racism and Society, Russian Spy, Leveson Inquiry


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