Christopher Alder: Another British Police Cover Up!

28 Dec

As one of many such cases, Christopher Ibikunle Alder, a former paratrooper, died in British police custody in the Queen’s Gardens Police Station, Kingston upon Hull, in April 1998.

The night he died, he was assaulted and was taken to hospital to treat his injuries. As he was also drunk, it was in hospital he was detained due to his apparent behaviour, and was subesquently discharged and taken into police custody.

Whilst in custody, he stopped breathing and died in his cell. His inquest ruled that he was unlawfully killed and could not have died from the injuries he had received due to the assault, but no answers were provided as to what else could have caused his death.

Despite refusing to answer questions, on the grounds doing so would incriminate them, the officers on duty were charged with misfeasance. This was later quashed, on the grounds of bias and improper conduct and following of procedure by a juror and the coroner.

Whether there was overt racism involved in allowing Alder to die, is not the real issue, because all accounts suggest that this is not exactly clear. What is up for discussion, is whether his treatment would have been different, and withheld, if Alder were not black. Equally, why, when all evidence supports neglect, the officers involved, and the Police Federation, would refuse to cooperate with all subsequent investigations, and contest the coroners findings, at every turn.

More recently, it has been discovered that Alder’s body was never buried, and that a black women was buried in his place, which means his body has lay in the morgue for the last 13-years. It appears, at every turn, Alder, is just another black man, and a victim of racism throughout the system.

If there is to be any justice, there now needs to be an investigation into why a women was buried in his place, and why his body lay in Hull City Mortuary unnoticed.

Author: Jason Schumann

Tags: Cultural Analysis, Debating Culture,Mark Duggan, Nick Hardwick, Metropolitan Police, British Society, Kingston Upon Hull, Leon Wilson, Queen’s Gardens Police Station, IPCC, Moral Panic, Independent Police Complaints Commission, Christopher Ibikunle Alder, Hull City Mortuary, Death of Jean Charles de Menezes


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