United States Invade Iran’s Airspace

28 Dec

Iran has been accused of downing and refusing to return a United States spy-plane drone over its airspace.

As reported in the Washington Post, but later removed from its website, Ahmad Vahidi said the United States should apologise for invading Iranian air space instead of asking for the return of the unmanned aircraft.

Despite whatever opinions we have about Iran, Ahmad Vahidi is absolutely right to demand and expect an apology from the United States.

If I might use the analogy of an occurrence from my childhood: if I throw a ball into a neighbours garden, I would be expected to apologise before its return and remedy any damage caused.

That the “ball” in this instance, was essentially a military piece of equipment used to spy on Iran; and illegally in its airspace, makes this far more serious than any childhood mishap.

This incident is about the politics of diplomacy and maintaining stable, international relations between Eastern and the Western nations to prevent further wars and loss of life.

That the United States refuses to apologise is not only childish; but an embarrassing admittance of its unlawful actions, and further ammunition for Iran and its allies to continue to demonize the West and its intentions.

Silly petulent children: When will they learn?!

Author: Jason Schumann

Tags: Cultural Analysis, Debating Culture,United States Invade Iran’s Airspace, Middle East, Iran, Spy plane, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, Barack Obama, RQ-170 Sentinel, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Nuclear War, Hamid Rasaei, Parviz Sorouri


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