Youth unemployment – A social and economic time bomb waiting to happen.

15 Oct

Darren Batey

After attending another plenary session today looking at youth unemployment, I’ve found myself anxious about the focus on our future. It’s hard to tackle the issues of youth unemployment especially when the problem seems to be us.

There are many countries represented at the One Young World Summit (the largest representation after the Olympics) and after hearing many views on unemployment, I currently feel like I have been shocked in to a reality I wish I’d never been made aware of. However, I do believe that we need to know and realise what the ongoing issues are in this world so that we can ultimately lead for change.

Much of the debate was entrepreneurial focused and as much as I respect those speaker’s efforts, I believe there is a wider issue which Jeremy Lamri touched upon during his speech. “Entrepreneurial skills are important but if honest are only relevant to a…

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