Disclaimer and Notice to Followers and Trolls on Social Media

8 Sep

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My FB account is private, which means only those I allow to follow me, can see me and see what I post there.

There is good reason for this; my trollowers and haters, alike, used to like to visit my FB page and download images of my family, friends, and I, then post on social media (sometimes photoshopped with obscenities) to harass me.

Because of the abuse I have received, as a result of my haters and trollowers, the only way you will ever gain access to my FB is if I invite you, or I receive a recommendation to accept you.

This is entirely a precautionary measure to protect my privacy, smears, and my family and friends from abuse.


I have several accounts on twitter; mainly associated with my work, activism, and causes that I support.

I generally tweet about culture, politics, current affairs, and Human Rights. However, I also support several charities, campaigns, and conduct online research, for my work.

I do not generally interact with my followers on twitter, largely because I am fed up with the abuse I often receive, and the dramas, people often try to drag me into.

My purpose on twitter is not to socialise, but to observe, share, research and learn about topics and events in which I am interested.

Other Social Media:

I am not present on any other social media.


I am generally polite, but I speak my mind, and often swear demonstratively, or when someone is abusing, attacking, or trolling me.

I am also prone to swearing at people who post inane, stupid, racist, sexist, homophobic comments.

I make no apologies for this. If you do not like my repost, then do not post anything that falls within the above definitions and/ or do not abuse or try to flame or goad me into a reaction.


I do not abuse, nor do I expect or ask to receive abuse.

If you abuse me, I will request an apology. If you do not apologise, I will block and report you.

Do not abuse me, and not expect it back. It is, afterall, a two way street.

If you abuse, insult, swear at, or curse me, then expect me to retort. Likely, I will block you or call you a cunt.

I do not submit to the view that women are always victims on social media.

If a woman, on social media, messages me or replies to something I have posted, with which she disagrees, with any abuse, profanity, threats, or bile, I will retort.

That is quid pro quo and is the essence of gender equality, in my book.

Women want absolute equality?

I will defend that goal to the max; equality for all is part of my journey.

However, abuse me, regardless of whether you are a woman, and there will be no special favours, except where inequality or misogyny is present or exists.

You should be aware that I have a sharp tongue and a very low tolerance for hatred, being abused or harassed, and intrusions on my family and private life.

I will gladly dish out far worse than I often receive. If that means going out of my way to ruin of you, I am more than happy to execute.

#Protip: Do not dish out that which you are not willing to receive in return.

Racists and Haters:

Any homophobic, racist, or xenophobic types, will be blocked immediately.

And if I do engage, it is usually to highlight their intent, idiocy, racism, misogyny, abuse, or to ridicule.

I do not actively troll or abuse anyone, but I will challenge any of the above for the reasons I have given.

Tagging Me:

This is when you copy me into a post, with someone else, without asking me, or without asking my permission.

Sometimes, this is fine, as it is something in which I may have a personal, academic, or social interest.

Other times, it may be with someone with whom I disagree, have no care for, or whom I consider to be racist, offensive, an abuser, or a troll.

In the event you tag me, and the person is a troll, harasser, abuser, racist, etc. I will ask you to untag me — remove my name from the conversation (twonvo).

If you do not comply, I will normally give you a second or third warning. After that, I will block you.

Please do not tag me to ‘white knight’ or defend you; I will only do so, if I feel concerned.


I do not go out of my way to offend, be profane, or be offensive.

If you take offense by something I post, please ask me to clarify my position.

Do not be accusatory, insult, swear at, or abuse me. I will block.

If I make a mistake, I will publicly apologise.


I believe Zionism is racism , but that the Jewish diaspora are deserving of a homeland, just not at the expense and/ or displacement of Palestinians.

I have come to learn that most Zionists are apologists for their hate and the crimes of the Israeli government; including child detentions, murder, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, illegal occupation, inequality and more.

Most Zionists cannot and will not debate, so I block them. Usually, with the hashtags #cuntblock or #ironThumb.

I am open to debate, but only if you (if you fit in this category) are reasonable and open to debate with me.

If you call me an anti-Semite because of my stance on Israel’s illegal settlements, UN violations, interference of national politics etc., you have already lost the argument.


I have no time for. They should be starved of oxygen. I would gladly pay good money to see a few of them hang.

I will immediately block and report them.


Do not use photos of my family or me without my consent; I will report you, as they are my copyright and posting them without my consent is a form of harassment and a violation of my rights on every social media platform, no matter where in the world.

Data Protection and Copyright:

Any images of my family or me are 100% my copyright.

You post them on social media; especially to harass me, I will report you.

Post my email, home fone, address, same response applies.


If you repeatedly abuse, breach my privacy, copyright, or smear me, without provocation or justification, I will report you to the police and social media.

I am known to issue criminal and civil proceedings against those who do.


These are direct private messages; they are confidential.

Unless I give my consent for you to share, disclose, or otherwise use something I have shared with you by direct or private message, it is private.

Sharing it, is a breach of my trust and privacy, and will be acted upon.


I receive lots of messages.

I am not able to respond to all messages, so do not take offense.

I do my utmost to respond to all messages that people send to me.

Retweets and Favourites:

These are not endorsements of what you have posted.

If I RT or Fav you, it merely means I am interested in what you have posted.

Deletions, Corrections, Omissions, and Apologies:

If I tweet or post something incorrect, by all means, ask me to correct, furnish, or delete.

However, I am not obliged to do so, unless it is factually incorrect, a distortion of truth, slander, or libel.

Please provide any supporting evidence to enable me to consider a correction.

If I am wrong, I will delete and offer my apologies.

If you are merely butthurt, then jog on and cry me a river. Equally, you could go fill out this form waiting for me to give a fuck: http://bit.ly/1GWV4k2

Failing which, sue me!


Jason Schumann, aka @debatingculture


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