Unhinged @MLewisLawyer: Bile, Bullying, Slander, & Threats

16 Apr

Here, you can see (and judge for yourself) just how hate-filled, tendentious, skulking, and threatening the infamous Mark Lewis can actually be.

He has previously been reported to and investigated by @SRA_Solicitors, for misconduct and harassment. Not the first time he’s been reported to them, either.

He is known to conspire with others (Jasna Badzak, Ambrosine Shitrit, Marko Hoare) to target critics of Israel’s war crimes against Palestinians.

Hell, if he dislikes his target that much, he’ll pursue them by legal means, send threatening letters, or engage the police in fabrications.

  1. You are absolutely right, Jo, Mark is well and truly unhinged.

  2. Mark’s favourite insult is to SCREEAAM: antisemite, NAZI, RacIST!

  3. Can’t debate, lose your temper, don’t like criticism of Israel and the holocaust industry, SHOUT nazi! Pathetic!

  4. Mark, her grandfather is dead, and you wish her to join him in the afterlife? Mkay. Got that one!

  5. Here’s Mark admitting that he tried (and failed) to have the person he is now targeting, arrested, on trumped up charges of antischwemitism.

  6. And here’s proof of his admission.

  7. Mark doesn’t appear to care that his conduct is bringing his profession into disrepute.

  8. In the tweet before this one, Mark made reference to her ethnicity… simply because she questioned his behaviour. Why? Racism?

  9. No, Mark, she wasn’t fired, she was targeted by Zioturds, like you.

  10. Mark wishing the person he is targeting, dead, again.

  11. Here’s more proof Mark conspires with others to have antiZionists arrested on fake antischwemitism charges.

  12. In this next tweet, Suzanne is crying to @engrugger, aka Rabbi Jonty Blackman, another Zioturd, who is a known racist with links to the Jewish Defence League.

  13. Here’s more on the halfwit fail-troll and poor little victim, Suzanne Fernandes.

  14. Foulmouthed, threatening, abusive, bullying, not very civil, at all! Mark isn’t capable of being civil.

  15. Here’s stupid @_Andreaurbanfox, using her not so anonymous troll account to harass and smear. She is so STOOPID, she used her own email address to verify the account, when she first set it up. Andrea is also a Zioturd, hates Muslims and Palestinians, and finds their suffering humorous.

  16. Here he is shouting NAZI – again!

  17. The ‘nazis’ to whom he’s referring, are people oppose Israel’s war crimes and question the validity of aspects of history presented as fact.

  18. I think he might burst a blood vessel.

  19. Mark and I have history. I am the one who has reported him to the SRA. My current complaint is pending. Here Mark makes reference to the fact ISIS would throw me off a roof because of my sexual orientation. I’ll leave you to guess which team I bat for.

  20. If you think his behaviour is unacceptable, you can report him to the Law firm, Seddons (his employer) or the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority.


Yes, Mark, and friends! All of this has been sent to the SRA and the police. Read it and weep!

My offer stands, Mark! You want to come after me: bring it!




By Jason Schumann




  1. All tweets and information posted in the previous Storify and this post, are (or were, before being deleted/ suspended) in the public domain and believed to be a matter of public record and have been posted in good faith, in the belief that they are true and not in any way specious or false.
  2. The above posts were actual tweets posted by Mark Lewis himself and the others referred to herein. They were part of my Storify account, which has since been suspended due to me keeping a record of the abuse I and others have been subjected to by certain individuals who shall remain nameless until further notice.
  3. Where an image is missing or there is no apparent other information, this means that the original, linked tweet or post has been deleted or the user suspended.
  4. Mark Lewis has since deleted much of his vitriol directed toward myself, Jo and several others with whom he disagrees; but not one to be caught out, I decided to archive everything… in case I might need it one day!
  5. The original of this post was collated and posted on my now suspended Storify account, here! I have offline backups though 🙂

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