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A Person of Interest: Trolls, Zionists, and Others

23 Oct

[Published 23 October, 2017]

Over the years, my blog and social media posts have amassed a certain amount of interest.

My followership and those whom take an interest in what I blog or post about can be broken down into four different types.

First, we have those who often share an interest of what I post, whom I would term likeminded and woke individuals, who actually give a damn about the world in which we live. Even if just on one particular subject or topic that I comment on or blog about.

The second group, whom I refer to as ‘specimens’, are the obsessive and pathetic trolls that lurk under the dark rocks and in corners of what has become antisocial media, who appear to have nothing better to do than spy on me every day.

You could call this group my deranged fans, of sorts.

Someone I no longer associate with calls them the ‘fish wives.’ This group hiss, backbite and form little armies in an effort to somehow bring about my demise.

Delusion, I know.

They’re never successful at it though; I am always ready for them and have others who look out for me and tip me off about their plans.

Yes, it’s actually that lame that there are those who have to keep a look out for me because these pernicious trogs and specimens simply won’t move on.

Someone in particular has been paying a few keyword searches on my blog, repeatedly.

The third group is a group of hardcore Zionists, who just love to scream and yell “ANTISEMITE”, at anyone who is critical of Israel or questions the perpetual victimhood of the Jewish diaspora.

Don’t get me wrong, historically, Jews have indeed suffered immensely and I do not nor would I ever seek to diminish that. Only seeking to point out the hypocrisy when it comes to Israel’s maltreatment of Palestinians and others.

The most pernicious of this group like to write blogs about me, to discredit and smear, which is what they do.

The last group who seem to avidly follow me are the private and state actors; you know, like the ones who recently placed a bomb under the car of the Maltese journalist, for example.

These are perhaps the worst of my stalkers. The one’s who do not like me poking into or exposing their business practices and corruption.

These are the one’s whose human rights abuses, business and other affairs I look into and expose.

I dare say I have cost them a fair packet in fees after spooking them into moving their cash around to different offshore accounts.

You can see here who they are.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 22.14.21

Now ask yourself: Why would a company like Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu search a blog specifically on the subjects of the Israeli Lobby or money laundering? Add to that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs conducting the same search less than 12 hours prior? And how did either of them come across my blog?

In addition, how on earth would the US Department for Defense have come across or been alerted to my blog?

Interestingly in the case of the former, the Paradise Papers have just been released and it is public knowledge that I have exposed and lodged official complaints regarding tax avoidance, offshore accounts, and money laundering.

Anyhow, troll, stalker, whatever, we know where to look and who to blame if anything should happen to me.

Oh, and take a seat whilst waiting for me to give a fuck.

Author: Jason Schumann


UK Home Office: Hate Crimes, Jewish Exceptionalism, and Inequality Under the Law

17 Jul

[Published 17 July, 2017, Updated 25 July, 2017]

In late 2015, the UK Government announced a £13.4m grant of taxpayers money, to fund the work of the Community Security Trust (CST), “for security measures, including security guards, at Jewish independent and state schools, colleges and nurseries, synagogues and other community sites, and will be managed by CST.”

CST, calls itself ‘the UK’s security and hate crimes monitoring organisation for members of the British Jewish community.’ It was founded by the prolific and corrupt, money-laundering and tax avoiding, property investment and business entrepreneur, Gerald Maurice Ronson, CBE.

The announcement of the grant, was made by then Prime Minister, David Cameron – a grant that was facilitated by Sir Eric Pickles, the former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government – whose most recent roles include; being a paid advisor to CST for ‘undisclosed activities’; the Chair of the Conservative Friends of Israel; and now a government role as the ‘Special Envoy to Israel.’


The grant was briefly put on hold, until Cameron left public office – to avoid exposure of his business and financial dealings, but reaffirmed by the former Home Secretary and now current Prime Minister, Theresa May, in March 2016 – at a fundraising gala dinner, organised by CST and sponsored by Deloitte.


In March 2017, at the same fundraising gala attended by May, the current Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, also reaffirmed: “We [the Government] will be continuing the funding of the Jewish community protective security grant… for 2017 to 2018.” Adding that she, [Rudd], believed that there is, or was, a ‘significant’ jihadi threat to their [Jewish] safety in the UK.


The remote possibility of a jihadi ‘threat’ [against British Jews] is exactly that… it is pure fantasy, that was purposely orchestrated and amplified by CST itself. It is, of course, a completely unfounded, fabrication and nonsense! The purpose of which, is to maintain the notion of Jewish privilege and exceptionalism as Chosenites.

As evidence of which, one only need take a look at Hansard, on CST’s own website, and its Twitter account. In particular, CST’s recent misleading reporting of hoax bomb threats to British Jewish schools and institutions.

As this story unfolded, the truth of the matter was, that these bomb threats were actually made by an Israeli, using “sophisticated technology”, to hide and maintain his anonymity.

He made in excess of 2000 hoax bomb threat phone calls before being caught, in at least 10 countries. Rather than admit any facts, the Israeli Government have declared him ‘mentally ill’, than admit any involvement or wrongdoing.

Prior to his identification and capture by US authorities, in January 2017, CST posted: “27 Jewish centres in the USA evacuated after bomb threats; Last week CST dealt with several threats to Jewish schools.” On several occasions, over the same period, CST also, wrongly, blamed a Black man for these same hoax bomb threats against the global Jewish community.

Aside, although the threat of experiencing acts of Jew hatred may well have increased in recent years, there is absolutely no existential threat of an act of terrorism, against British Jews, on British soil, that warrants such favouritism by the British Government, over and above the threat of such an attack, or act of hatred and abuse, experienced by any other minority religious or ethnic group in the UK!

It is a complete and utter manipulation and deception by CST, to even suggest that there is!

Again, as the evidence bears out, hate crimes towards British Jews have actually decreased overall and are far less violent, whereas abuse in general and violent attacks against members of BAME communities, refugees, and LGBTI+ communities have significantly increased. 

The fact of the matter is, that in capitulating to CST’s deliberately false and pervasive narrative, of an ‘imminent [Jihadi] attack’ on British Jews, the UK government has wilfully ignored the more prevalent and increasing abuse and hatred toward other, equally, if not more deserving, minority communities.

Without doubt, the grant, of £13.4 million, given to CST – has been given without due regard to any proper assessment, accountability, or consideration of the greater need of any other minority groups – experiencing a more significant issue of abuse and hatred.

The Home Office has thus far refused all requests to disclose any information with regard to how the grant was solicited, by whom, any audit trail or required documentation, monitoring and evaluation, breakdown of expenditure, purpose or outcomes.

If one considers the official government and police data [on increases in hate crimes], on which groups – are most likely to be subjected to abuse, attacks, and hatred, or similar threats – members of the British Jewry are at the bottom of the scale, yet receive greater privilege and favouritism more than any other groups.

What have these other groups – who are indeed statistically and evidentially in greater need – in regard to provision, support, and intervention been given or provided with?

The answer, is merely ‘access’ to a small portion of a £1 million funding pot. That British Jews should receive more support from the UK Government, than the murdered members of the LGBTI+ community; Muslims who have been subjected to acid attacks and run over outside mosque for prayers; or refugees and immigrants relentlessly abused murdered in the streets?

In favouring CST, over other groups monitoring and challenging hatred and abuse, all that the UK government has done, is dismiss the rights of those in greater need, and pander to the view of Jewish victimhood and exceptionalism, which works to ferment and increasing resentment of Jews in general. 

As it stands, the fact that CST is the sole recipient of such a significant grant goes against all current British laws and principles and values for fairness and equality under the law.


Since publishing this blog article, it has been visited more than a 1000 times.

The locations of visitors reading this article; including Jersey, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Oman, and spidered content aggregation by the NewsCorp-owned, business and financial aggregate website,

Interestingly, all the locations mentioned in this update, can be traced to Gerald Maurice Ronson’s worldwide business associates, investors, and partners.

Author: Jason Schumann

Notes to Editors:

1. Gerald Maurice Ronson is a convicted fraudster and has since been awarded a CBE, by the Queen of England and Common Wealth, at the behest of certain members of the British Government and establishment.

2. Ronson, is listed as a founding director of approximately 138 companies registered at both CST’s offices in Hendon and from his personal office in the City of London.

3. Ronson’s companies and business empire, are largely run through a series of shell, holding, and dormant companies, that are traceable to a single company registered  in Jersey, for tax purposes.

4. The company responsible for Ronson’s empire is RONTEC GROUP (JERSEY) LIMITED, which lists one of its directors as Union Bancaire Privee.

5. Union Bancaire Privee is registered in Switzerland and is protected under Swiss tax and privacy laws.

6. Union Bancaire Privee and its employees also have financial investments and tax avoidance dealings with the UK, US, and Israel.

7. Union Bancaire Privee has, on several occasions, successfully been prosecuted and implicated in money laundering, manipulation of financial markets, and tax avoidance in the Bahamas, including its role in the Madoff scandal.

8. CST itself has previously been accused of acting as an instrument to promote Israeli propaganda and has been instrumental in shaping and forming UK Government policy on the criminalisation of criticism of Israel as being anti-Semitic.

9. CST also lists several shell/ dormant companies dealing with its financial activities in order to avoid tax via Jersey and Switzerland.

10. David Cameron stepped down as PM in order to avoid an audit and disclosure of his business dealings, investments, and private donations.

11. Sir Eric Pickles has previously been on the payroll of CST but has refused to disclose any payments or details of the work carried out on its behalf.

12. Theresa May is a former financial advisor to corporate finance, having given advice to companies and private individuals on tax avoidance.

13. Amber Rudd has had several bankrupt and dissolved companies and several of her business partners have previously been prosecuted for financial crimes.

An Organised System of Unethical Taxation, Poverty and Inequality

30 Jun

[Published 01 July, 2017] 


If we wish to live in so-called ‘progressive societies’ – where we all have some form of access to health provision, welfare, public services, and good infrastructure – I doubt that anyone would disagree that most, if not all of us, should pay some form tax.

In the most basic terms, our governments have always needed to raise cash to pay for such services, whether it be to service past or current war efforts, build hospitals, new railways, or provide social housing.

The problems with paying tax is that the tax systems are arbitrary and unnecessary, meaning the amount of tax we pay varies; being unfairly distributed and enabling avoidance, due to lax rules and procedures in collecting it.

By arbitrary, I mean that our governments often impose tax just because they can, rather than out of any particular necessity, like on certain important purchases that we make.

For example, should we pay tax on medicines needed to keep us healthy, that our governments already tax? Should we pay tax on heating and lighting, or the water we drink, wash, or bath in?

Pharmaceuticals are taxed on their research, development, and manufacture – and then government collects more tax from the consumer purchasing them!

Taxing us after paying the purchase price for medicines, that we all need for our good health? And surely access to water is a universal right, is it not?

It works the same way with almost other forms of tax, like when we have general tax, which is deducted at source from our wages. For example, a percentage of general taxation goes toward paying for the construction of new roads. The government then collects more tax from us when some roads are converted to toll roads.

Take owning a car as another example; to get you to and from work etc. We are taxed for purchasing and owning the vehicle, on the fuel it consumes (on duty, then VAT!), on repairs, keeping it on the road, and insuring it!

In many countries, it is actually the poorest in society who pay disproportionately higher taxes than those on middle incomes and considerably more than the wealthiest. 

For example, if you smoke or drink alcohol – and no, this is not an inference that poorer people smoke or drink more – the tax levied on the purchase of these items is as high as 80%!

Consider the impact of this when you are on minimum wage; struggling to pay bills, travel costs or using a vehicle, heating and lighting, weekly food shop, and health and other insurances.

The more fortunate – who are able to pay into pensions and savings schemes for old age and emergencies; to purchase property, insurance, and investments – don’t get much of a better deal either!

For those able to save into a pension, additional tax is paid on the annuity and when income is drawn. In the case of women reliant on a spouses pensions, when the spouse dies, in the UK, women only receive a 60% entitlement but still pay tax on the pension, plus everything else.

When purchasing a property, there are a variety of fees and taxes levied even before we get to move in. Then we pay annual taxes on services to the property and for government and public authority services provided within the local community in which the property is located.

Alongside national and local taxes, there are also several forms of interest and tax on annual insurance and mortgage payments. When we come to sell the property, the tax paid on selling a property is determined on whether it has increased in value but is often capped regardless of household income, property size, or value.

In short, if you own a six bedroomed property, worth three million, with an annual household income of seven hundred thousand, you will pay no more tax on the property – either for national and local taxes, or on its sale – than say,owning and selling a four bedroomed property, worth four hundred thousand with an income of two hundred thousand!

The last global crash occurred due to the artificial inflation of housing prices, repackaged bad debts, and unaffordable mortgages, sold and created by banks, insurers, and speculators – all of which was enabled with our governments’ full knowledge and consent.

In countries where it has been provided, social housing stocks continue to be sold off to the private sector, who rent them out, or sell them on at inflated prices. For example, if a social housing property was sold ten years ago for one hundred and twenty thousand, today its value is likely to have been inflated to three hundred and fifty thousand.

If you are a private investor – from China or Russia, let’s say – you can purchase an off plan new build property for one hundred and fifty thousand and sell it on at double that when its constructed, or sit on it for several years until it increases in value even more.

Further more, a private investor can purchase such a property through an intermediary, such as a shell or holding company that is registered offshore, thus paying minimal tax, whereas an ordinary purchaser will pay the maximum amount of tax to be paid.

Our governments enable, permit, and even encourage private enterprise, banks, and investors to profit when the economy is buoyant and avoid paying tax, forcing middle and low income people to pick up the tab.

All the while, social housing stocks are decreasing and not being replaced, whilst private sector rents are increasing, and the purchase price of property is on the rise again.

Through Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, the UK government currently employs more than three thousand staff – on minimum wage – chasing fraudulent welfare and benefits payments, but fewer than four hundred staff on chasing those who avoid tax.

Do you see the problem?

Whether in the UK or in any other country, the tax system is organised theft and was created and is maintain in order to prey on the poorest, whilst favouring the wealthiest and actually works to create and prop up poverty and inequality.

In case you did not get the memo, the wealthiest only pay the tax they choose to and our governments allow them to do this.

Time to change the system, people!

Author: Jason Schumann

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