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Ofsted inspectors will question girls wearing hijabs in primary schools

7 Dec

[Published 07 December, 2017]

This is a guest blog by Iftikar Ahmad of the London School of Islamics. in response to the article published HERE.

Muslim girls who wear the hijab to primary school will be asked why they wear it by inspectors. The reasons given will then be recorded in school reports, amid concerns girls are being forced to wear the headscarf by their parents. Amanda Spielman, the chief inspector of schools, announced the move on Sunday. Imagine being questioned about why you dress the way your parents tell you at 8 years of age!? What do you say?

“Sorry, I’ll tell them they are wrong”?

Looks like Ofsted are now so busy with combating Islam that they will have no time to deal with education? The problem is, before they start the quizzing, they’re making public exactly what the girls should get prepared to reply (by their family) to be allowed to keep the hijab. With all the time to rehearse. Any child asked by an inspector why she’s covering her hair should reply.. ‘its a free country I can wear what I effing want”!! We do not need inspectors chasing Muslims just because we hate them. Looks like Ofsted are now so busy with combating Islam that they will have no time to deal with education?

What is the role of the Government can any of the hijab haters answer This? Or do we need another PREVENT policy to target certain group of people? I bet all the readers who have kids have forced their kids to go to sleep, brush their teeth, wake them out of bed, eat dinner etc, wear a helmet whilst riding bike and so on…So what is wrong with telling your kid to cover the head to if one wants to. There is nothing wrong with this as long as its achieved peacefully and through education. Of course they are forced or at least required to wear hijabs by parents because it is the parents who bring up children according to their tradition, religion or both.

Freedom of religion is imperial . One can choose what to believe in an practise it , it’ not the government’ job to dictate what you should eat, how you should dress ,when you should pray only has the power to coerce it’ civilians but it should just focusing on providing services and infrastructure and education and so on. So they need to send inspectors instead of assuming that it’s the parents brainwashing the kids. Interesting. Maybe they expect to find some 7 years old girls who will give them a detailed report of all the faiths they thoroughly researched before choosing Islam because it’s the one they believe provides the answers to all their existential and philosophical questions.

Parents are free to teach their children what they want as long as it’ not harming them physically or mentally. Its called education not force. I guess every parent has the right to educate their child into doing something which they believe is good (as long as its not a crime etc). It’s the parents that they should be questioning, not the children. No good asking the girls. If they are made to wear it, they will be made to say they aren’t, since that’s what the Inspectors want to hear. Everybody knows who the Inspectors spoke to.

You are/will be brainwashing your believes to your future children on what to do and what not. If my daughter from a young age is willing to wear the hijab I will not oppose it and make her understand that it is empowering her when she reaches puberty and she will be ready for it. When you live in a over sexualised society I believe such precaution is important. The child will progress just as much as the kids not wearing a headscarf in what sense does it make them weaker…apart of you sexualising the children when the Muslim parent prepares them for the real life and teaches what’s right or wrong . Who are you to tell ?

Where is the freedom of religion? Can she not express her identity at young age. Surely preparation makes one better.

I do not want my children to be brainwashed by half naked girls instead I’ll teach her what’s right or wrong and that is my duty not yours not the government. Asking little girls why they wear a headscarf is silly. It is forced on them in one way or another, through dictate by parents, training, social pressure.

Tell that to the Queen… even the DailyMail has no problem with her wearing one… Hijab is not the problem. It’s just a headscarf. The Queen like to wear one!…/The-Queen-steps-headscarf…

Did the NSS also ask for Sikh boys to be quizzed about their turbans and Jewish children for their religious headgear (skull caps or wigs)? If not why are Muslims being exclusively targeted again. I hope they’re also going to quiz Sikh boys who cover their hair..? No, thought not. Just pick on the girls.

Start by quizzing children if they are abused by parent who are alcoholics start by protecting children who are left homeless start by actually doing something usefully instead of targeting Muslims for wearing a religious symbol. Start by quizzing all children why they follow a religion after all they are smart in off to decide for themselves Will they ask Jewish kids if they are wearing their outfits voluntarily?

The opposite to hijab wearing is the display of highly sexualised forms of many western women. Western men get to enjoy this without thinking they are entitled to help themselves to every woman wearing a skirt up to her bum-cheeks.

The bottom line (pun intended) gents, is you can look but not touch. If you are offended, look away you control freak prude.


Edited by: Jason Schumann 


This has been published as an opinion piece only. The contents or views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the author of the blog.


Donald Trump: A Walking Disaster

9 Nov

When I say disaster, I mean it!

Trump is a documented serial bankrupt, an alleged paedophile and rapist, an out and out racist and homophobe, and a proud misogynist who even lusted after his own daughter on live television.

I don’t need to back up any of these claims, as the evidence is already out there.

Trump won because those who voted him in — largely White, uneducated, gun-toting, religious rednecks and coffin-dodgers — did so, to stick one to the establishment and on a clearly racist anti-immigration ticket.

This was coupled with the outrage of the bible-bashers upset with LGBTI rights laws, Muslims, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the economic woes of every day batshit American lives. 

The right-wing media gleefully did its part to feed into and stoked much of this hatefilled and vitriolic clusterfuck.

Like the humorons who voted for Brexit in the UK with their ‘little island’ mentality who are supporters of racist UKIP et al, the Moricons — by which I mean wilfully moronic, fuck-nugget Americans, in case you don’t understand what the term implies — who voted for Trump see themselves as having more rights and privilege over anyone else they do not consider one of them.

Want examples?

The KKK, the American Nazi Party, and the White Nationalist American Freedom Party, all endorsed Trump, as did the many evangelical organizations.

Well, here is what Trump is going to do, or seek to do:

  • Repeal equality laws for Black and other minority people, including the LGBTI community.
  • Strengthen religious freedom to discriminate against each of the above groups.
  • Repeal Obama’s healthcare bill that currently protects 62 million people on low incomes.
  • Forcibly deport and intern Latinos and Muslims.
  • Introduce greater protections for law enforcement officers who shoot down unarmed members of the public to allow them to escape scrutiny and justice in many cases.
  • Remove the rights of Native Americans to protect their homelands and property, which will include sending in military to forcibly remove them, even in a body bag.
  • Increase pollution and global warming by removing current legislation and granting no strings licenses to big corporations to produce more coal and frack without any consideration to local residents or the environment.
  • Make abortion illegal, even for rape victims, in favour of demented fucktard Xtian zealots.

With Trump in the driving seat of one of the world’s leading and most powerful economies, these are just a few of the things that are likely to get the go ahead.

Don’t even get me started on the American economy. It’s already on its arse; by which I mean dirt broke. Yes, that’s right, America is bankrupt; both morally and financially! Not a pot to piss in! Tanking! Living on borrowed time!

Doubt me?

In case you were wondering, there are now more than 10 major American cities that have filed for bankruptcy since Wall Street and lacks financial control caused the 2000, 2007 & 2008 crashes that resonated across and still impact on the world to this day. Many other American cities are in prolonged deficit and the housing market is still on its arse.

America is the most indebted country in the world, to the tune of 19,643,000,000,000 dollars. That is more than all the other most indebted countries in the world combined. Its trade deficit is equally as bad, and there is nothing Trump can do.

What about checks and balances, you may ask? They won’t work. America’s political system of lobbying, bribes, and favours, is one of the most corrupt in the world. Besides, Trump’s supporters and the humorons who voted for him would lynch him if he doesn’t carry out his promises.

Only today, on the announcement of his election, the dollar dropped again. It will drop further. The example below is proof.

[Image via Twitter]

World markets have also slumped but are recovering, unlike America.

Yes, America, you can expect recession and a deep depression like no other! Ultimately, Americans will suffer more than they have ever before. The rest of the world will also feel it but will recover more quickly.

Trump’s only solution is quantitative easing, which will devalue the dollar further, thus increasing inflation, damaging the markets such as structured products, depressing interest rates which impacts on savings and pensions, and international trade.

(China has previously stopped exporting valuable minerals to the U.S. due to its quantitative easing program).

Already world leaders are sending warning shots to Trump.

As my neighbour’s 11 year old daughter said today: “Mummy, the world is doomed! What are we going to do? Can someone assassinate him?”

Despite my equally negative views of Hillary, I would have to agree with this girl’s conclusions.

America is well and truly fucked!

By Jason Schumann

The Niqab Debate: A Religious Right or Cultural Freedom

24 Sep

The wearing of the niqab has been debated in Europe for the last two decades. More recently, it has become the topic of political rhetoric of the Far Right and Liberal society. Some of the more serious issues around Muslim women wearing face-coverings, such as the niqab, are as broad as matters that focus on ‘gender quality’, the ‘perceived Islamization of Western identities’, ‘security risks’ and ‘threats of terrorism’, as well as the perceived coercion of some Muslim men in more strict, patriarchal societies, such as in Wahabist countries like Saudi Arabia. In contrast to the religious conformity of some Middle Eastern countries- where wearing face-coverings is often proscribed and enshrined in law and obligatory in most aspects of daily life- in European nations, individuals enjoy relative religious and cultural freedom and the law tends to focus on social conduct rather than religious observance.

In Europe, it is those who say that they align themselves to the views of liberal and secularist society, who believe that antiquated notions of patriarchy and gender inequality, are valid reasons for being prescriptive in regard to the wearing of the veil in public spaces. The argument goes, that prescription should apply if wearing the veil appears to disempower a Muslim woman’s right to self-determination, autonomy and full participation in mainstream society (See Dr Sarah Wollaston, MP’s recent tweets, September 2013).

In a particular reference to young girls in school; Wollaston, a Conservative MP, suggests that she believes the veil is a barrier to communication, which can drastically affect equal participation in ‘an open, modern society’ and that schools have a duty to prepare young people for participation in wider society. In analyzing Dr Wollaston’s comments further, it could also be argued that by suggesting that young girls should not be wearing the veil in schools; young girls are placed at a disadvantage and may be ill-prepared for participation in society- which, if that was the intended meaning of the comment- could also mean Wollaston’s comment is biased to a more feminist viewpoint- and the wearing of the head or face-covering is not conducive with an ‘open, modern and secular society’- in which men and women are equal. However, the fact is, that many women who do wear the veil, choose to do so to set themselves apart from the mainstream of society, in asserting their own sense of identity in affirmation of their Islamic commitment. Interestingly, it is women who account for the majority of Muslim converts in the UK.

In Europe, it has long been the tradition of separation of state and religion. Religion is considered a private matter that should not enter into the public sphere. The French ban on the veil wearing in public; for example, is a clear delineation and an assertion of secularism over freedom and right of religious expression. Indeed, former president, Nicolas Sarkozy is on record as having stated publicly, that the veil has no place in French society. Other European countries are to follow suit, and I have no doubt that this will result in further marginalization of the Muslim presence in Europe; and entrenchment of a perceived persecuted, minority consciousness. That more and more women are choosing to wear the head-coverings, would seem to suggest that they are happy to live outside apparent models of uniformity.

But it is members of Far Right organizations, who have hijacked the niqab debate and assert that Muslims must always conform to Western notions of society and cultural identity. They (the Far Right) argue that this is because Europe is slowly being Islamized, that Muslims are synonymous with terrorism; and therefore, pose a security risk to the safety of Europeans. It is those linked or associated with the Far Right, such as UKIP, the BNP, EDL, and the PVV, who also perceive Islam as a threat, considering the veil ‘an affront to European values’ and identity. Tommy Robinson, after his recent departure from EDL, restated his view and belief that the niqab should be banned in all public places. This conflict, represents a modern power struggle to suppress Islamic identity in general, and protect an increasingly, fragmented European/ Western conception of identity.

Let’s just make it clear here; the Qur’an states that ‘both’ men and women should cover their modesty. As Ramadan (2004) noted, modesty is one of the three major endeavours of Islamic thought. The Qur’an, however, does not state specifically how and to what extent the body should be covered, only which parts of the body should be covered. Importantly, this does not include mention of covering of the face or the hair. The covering of head and face, is a modern interpretation that and; until recently, was largely influenced by male-led interpretations of religious doctrine. Of course, we can add to this, the influence of male conceptions of gender-roles.

This is in no way meant to imply that this is a Muslim issue. As in Western societies, we need only look to the Church of England as an example; and its view of the role of women in religious practice. We can add to this, Western, male notions of women looking pretty and attractive when wearing high-heels, bonnets, mini-skirts, corsets, and other items of adopted, female regalia. Even the way men and women button their shirts differently and the colours and patterns of their clothing. These examples represent some of the parallels that may be drawn between all males- in every society- concerning how all men believe women should dress- and their views on the positions and roles and entitlements of all women within any society.

I fully agree, however, that wearing the niqab or burqa, is and should always be a matter of personal choice- without undue male influence- in the same way as wearing a bra or low-cut dress. In my own view, of which there is much evidence to lend support, it is Western governments and individuals who now seek to dictate how Muslim women should dress, and less so Muslim men living in the West. It is also one of proscribed conformity to Western values, with the tiresome, default excuse constantly regurgitated by us Westerners, is that Muslim women are suppressed by Muslim men, because of the perceived male influence in the way Muslim women dress. There may be some element of truth in this in more closed and less integrated European Muslim communities- and some Muslim countries- but it is clearly evident that such views have changed significantly. Interpretive reasoning and a redefining of cultural and religious identity in a European/ Western context have influenced this change.

I do agree that one of the key exceptions to choice, occurs when the individual meets or represents the state and there is a need to affirm, approve or establish identity in order to justify our presence or viewpoint, and for security purposes. I also agree that there are some elements and individuals within Muslim communities who pose serious security risks and threaten Western society through attacks on our public spaces and the taking of lives. This means- and I support this view- that any women wearing a head-covering should be required to identity themselves and affirm their identity in an identifiable manner; whether at an airport, in a court of law, or at a police station. This is clearly a given, and Muslims should in no way perceive that this is a threat or discriminatory.

We should also consider the human element- the social interaction- the fact that we gauge trust and honesty, compassion and other emotions from gazing upon the face and into the eyes of an individual. This is not to say; however, that because some women choose to cover their faces, that they are any less human or sincere. The very act of putting on and wearing the veil requires great resolve in the face of adversity. It is truly an expression of Muslim cultural identity, which is increasingly worn by more and more women as a form of empowerment. Remember: something is only ever sexist and oppressive if we allow it to be. As Rose Kinchen notes, in the Sunday Times News Review, 22 September 2013, the fear and hostility towards the presence of Muslims is increasing symbolized by the wearing of the veil. She also asserts that it is often terrifying for women who wear face-covering due to the abuse and degrading treatment they receive from passersby.

What we must never do and should be extremely careful of is not to create further cultural and religious divide. If we traverse this route, we are at risk of denying all fundamental rights, instead of protecting them. This will lead to totalitarianism and sweeping powers of the state to dictate and control all aspects of our lives, whether we are Muslim or not. And then we will be just like countries such as Saudi Arabia. Ultimately, any state imposition of such uniformity and conformity; in a socalled secularist society, is hardly a free and open secular society.

Author: Jason Schumann

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