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Exposed: Israel’s Penetration of Foreign Intelligence Services, Code-breaking, Political Subversion, and Death Squads

11 Dec

[Published: 23 November, 2017]

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For purposes of clarity and unambiguity, please be aware, that the ‘source of the original content‘ reprinted in this blog can be found HERE.

In case ‘the source of the original content‘, of the following, should somehow miraculously be deleted upon awareness of this blog coming to light, the content of which is also archived and published HERE, so that its authenticity can never be called into question.

Please NOTE: The ‘the source of the original content‘, is delineated by hyphens (———–), which are used as page-breaks, indicating before and after. For emphasis, preceding quotes and comments have been highlighted by use of underlining.

After which, the only commentary is provided, with links, to provide sound and unequivocal evidence from government sources, confirming the authenticity and veracity of ‘the source of the original content‘.

The original source of the following content referred to, herein, was first posted on Facebook on July, 2016, which goes as follows:


Israel has a total area on 20770 sq km with a land boundary of 1006 km. It is bordered by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Israel has a parliamentary democracy and gained independence on 14th May 1948.

The telephone system used in Israel is the most highly developed system in the middle east. It includes digital coaxial and microwave systems along with three submarine cables. These are used for international communications. In addition to these systems Israel has satellite earth stations for Intelsat in service too.

International disputes concerning the Israeli occupation of West Bank, Gaza Strip, troops in Southern Lebanon as well as the Golan Heights. [We will see later one good reason for the Golan Heights occupation to be continued and with an American interest].

It is undisputed that Israel spends more of its Gross National Product on Intelligence than any other Country. Israel expects all its Intelligence agents to have served at least two years in the armed services, although there are some exceptions.

Israel possesses three major intelligence agencies. Shin Bet, which looks after domestic intelligence; Mossad, The Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks, Foreign Intelligence and Lekem, The Bureau of Scientific Relations [sic].

A number of Army and Police covert units, which are code named ‘marauder’ operate in deep cover in the occupied territories. There is also a Special Sections unit, Unit 8200, which is interested in electronic surveillance, code breaking and such like.

Shin Bet, or Shabak, is led by its current director Avi Dichter. Its Arab Affairs Department is concerned with anti-terrorist operations, political subversion and the upkeep of a collated index of apparent Arab terrorists. Units of Shabak have also worked with the Aman [Military Intelligence] against Hamas’ military wing.

The non-Arab Affairs Department is divided into Communist and non-Communist sub-departments. This department is interested in all other countries; their duties including the penetration of Foreign Intelligence and Diplomatic Services and Missions in Israel.

It excels in the questioning of immigrants from Eastern Europe and the old Iron Curtain countries [Messrs.Tony Blair and Jack Straw to note!].

The Protective Security Department is responsible for the protection of Israeli buildings, Embassies, Science Installations, Industrial installations and the national air carrier, El Al.

Shabak monitors the activities of various fringe groups whose activities might not be in the best interest of Israel. It was this level of activity that eventually destroyed the effectiveness of the PLO after 1967, causing its withdrawal to bases in Jordan.

Shabak was renamed the Israel Security Service in 2002.

Aman, the Military Intelligence Group, produces national intelligence forecasts on war, communications intercepts and target studies. Aman is also involved in cross-border agent operations.

Aman has around 7000 employees and has equal status to all the other armed services, viz Army, Airforce and Navy. It is currently led by Major General Aharon Ze’evi.

Its Foreign Relations Department liaises with foreign intelligence services and is responsible for the activities of Israeli Military Attachés abroad.

A unit, the Sayeret Maktal is Israel’s primary counter-terrorism unit and intelligence gathering agency.

Mossad, or more correctly, The Institute for Intelligence and Special Duties is based in Tel Aviv. Its director is General Meir Dagon. It has eight departments of which the Collections Department is the largest. It has the lead responsibility for espionage.

Field officers are in place all around the globe in official [or otherwise unofficial] cover. The Special Operations Division, Metsada, is concerned with covert operations; assassination, sabotage and other operations requiring its specialist skills.

There is also a specialist signals unit, Unit 8200 as previously mentioned. There are listening posts, some in the Israeli occupied, and much contested, Golan Heights. There is also a satellite intercept facility there which compliments the other commercial satellite earth stations.

Whilst the intelligence product from Israel’s Unit 8200 is not officially integrated into the Echelon Network many Israeli personnel work on secondment at the NSA and other Pentagon Departments.

It is no surprise that US intelligence personnel also work alongside Unit 8200 personnel in Israel; some of the equipment undoubtedly of American origin.

A joint Washington based Joint Counter Terrorism Office, with a secure and direct communications link between Israeli intelligence and the emergent US Office of Homeland Security has been suggested [and may now exist]. Are the SIGINT stations the reason for America’s willingness to turn its eyes away from the oft debateable behaviour of Israel when the rest of the world protests its Human Rights record?

Somewhere in the midst of Israel’s intelligence machinery is the number station, designated by ENIGMA as E10. Everyone reading this newsletter will have heard E10. As the never ending posts to ‘Spooks’ prove E10 is a massive operation; we have come to recognise the familiar style of ‘Charlie India Oscar’ and its like, or the pronunciation of NovemBEAR as identifiers of this station.

On Sunday 2nd November, 2003 and at 1230z an ENIGMA 2000 member was listening to LBC on 97.3MHz when it was announced that Major General Danny Yattom [Head of Mossad 1996 to 1998] was to be interviewed and would be taking questions from listeners. After his introduction and a rather simplistic rhetoric Gen Yattom took a couple of rather mundane calls about the actions of Israel in the Palestine regions, but nothing that really questioned anything ‘intelligence’.

Our member rang the radio station and was prepared to place his question. LBC’s phone was quickly answered and the conversation proceeded something like this:

LBC: LBC, Can I help?

E2k: Hello, I have a question for Colonel Yattom.

LBC: It’s General Yattom.

E2k: Sorry, my mistake. I intercept messages intended for the use of Israeli agents, possibly working for Mossad.

LBC: I beg your pardon?

E2k: I intercept signals destined for Mossad agents.

LBC: How do you do that?

E2k: On the Short Wave. If you wish to qualify that with General Yattom tell him I hear FTJ on 4461kHz. That’s one of the stations and its frequency. [Not that he’d probably even know what FTJ was].

LBC: I’ll pass that on but please don’t mention this if you go to air.

E2k: I won’t be that silly!

LBC: What’s the question?

E2k: With the increase in activity by both Palestine and Israel it has been noticed that there has been a rise in coded transmissions in line with this increase. Is there any connection?

LBC: I’ll definitely put this to General Yattom – that’s really interesting. We’ll phone you back if he wishes to take the question.

E2k: Thanks.

Our member is still waiting for LBC to return his call [to his unregistered pay as you go mobile]!

Whilst Major General Yattom could have answered the question and denied any connection between Mossad and the ‘spy station’ he didn’t. Was this the ‘ignore it and it’ll go away’ response or was there a real reason that he did not wish to talk to our member; who takes a deep interest in Israeli matters and E10.

Pity he didn’t talk to our member, he was also going to ask where the site of transmission was for the illumination of all you folks who also wonder!


The activities highlighted above are fully sanctioned and authorised by the Government of Israel and the ‘Institute for Intelligence and Special Functions‘, aka המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים, which founded the group mentioned above in order to mobilise Jews and Zionists across the globe.

As reported in a ‘PR bulletin’ by the semi-privatised, US intelligence and defence group, Stratfor, in 2013, which can be found HERE:

In 2002, Meir Dagan was reappointed by Ariel Sharon to reprise the Mossad’s covert operations in Lebanon, notably targeted killings abroad. Coinciding with Dagan’s appointment, official Israeli policy was expanded to allow assassinations in friendly ally nations (including the US) using Kidon death squads from the Metsada Division. It was a job for which Dagan had ample experience.”

Furthermore, Stratfor adds:

Under Ariel Sharon in 1970, Dagan commanded a secret assassination unit of the Israeli Security Agency called Sayaret Rimon that eliminated over 750 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. In 1982, he helped command Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. His main assignment was to manage undercover infiltrators, and to train Lebanese collaborators for the pro-Israel South Lebanon Army.”

For avoidance of doubt, the sole purpose of the ‘Institute for Intelligence and Special Functions‘, is to stop and/ or subvert any and all criticism of the human rights abuses and nefarious activities of the State of Israel.
Edited by: Jason Schumann 


UK Labour Party’s Emma Dent Coad and Rightwing Manufactured Racism

8 Dec

[Published 08 December, 2017]



In a further desperate attempt at yet another orchestrated smear campaign in the unrelenting witch hunt against Labour party members, rightwing Tory supporters and their ilk have now taken a stab at Emma Dent Coad, the newly elected MP for Kensington, West London.

Coad marginally won her seat from the Tories earlier this year, which is when the vultures set about their efforts to devour her entrails with their dirty tricks and whipping up of an unfounded media backlash against her.

It started with the rightwing funded blog Guido Falkes, set up by the Russian-linked Paul Staines.

After her election, Guido went on the trawl into the depths of the underbelly of the interwebz, leaving no rock unturned or crevices unexplored, seemingly uncovering a blog written by Coad in which she apparently refers to Shaun Bailey, a Tory MP, as ‘a token’ to the [Tory] party and a ‘fake ghetto boy.’

Thing is, Coad never made these comments about Bailey.

She was merely quoting someone else.

And, as it turned out, that ‘someone else’, was in fact Bailey making those comments about himself.

Cue the woefully misjudged and ill-informed procrastinations and condemnation of James Cleverly and Kemi Badenoch, with their immediately apparent faux outrage and unfounded claims of racism.

Prematurely, both Cleverly and Badenoch then went on a long Twitter rant and wrote letters, calling for the immediate resignation of Coad and a bi-election for her seat in parliament.

Then ensued the wrath and onslaught of the rightwing media machine, piling on the marauding barrage of condemnation: HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Shortly after, Badnoch proclaiming:

I’m a black conservative . I dont think every offensive comment is racism, but when I see real prejudice I have to call it out.’

Let’s back this clusterfuck up, shall we!?

Oi, wind your damn neck in, Kemi, and put your fangs away… you got the wrong end of the chew toy, and you know it!

It should be no surprise to readers by now, that this was a classic dog whistle exercise and fake news smear campaign.

Asked to make a retraction and issue an apology [for comments Bailey had made about himself], Guido, Cleverly and Badenoch suddenly clammed up.

Bailey has remained silent throughout.

Now, as is Bailey, both Cleverly and Badenoch are Black Tory MPs.

But as the respected and admirable, Black Activist, Lee Jasper put it in his response to Badenoch’s further protestations regarding being labelled a ‘Coconut’ or an ‘Uncle Tom’, Jasper replied with a coup de grâce:

That’s to deny the reality of black political collusion with racism. It’s a historical fact and a contemporary reality… however the archaic language you use Uncle Tom etc to describe Black Tories seems to reflect you’re own fears and anxieties.’


That is the crux of this completely fake news story and charade.

When the ‘story’ first broke, likely Conservative Party HQ (CPHQ) prolly broke out in sweats and staffers were positively apoplectic, likely experiencing multiple orgasms and doing repeated high fives and chest bumps.

Here’s the likely scenario:

— Guido gives CPHQ wind of the story. CPHQ instructs press team to inform all rightwing media. Party spokesperson/ adviser suggests asking [token] Cleverly and Badnoch to stoke the fire by speaking out.—

This is what Jasper means by, ‘collusion’ of our own.

Guess what, Cleverly and Badenoch, you are both Uncle Tom’s or Coconuts, whichever pejorative but accurate description suits you best.

Truth is, Bailey sought to big himself up as a ghetto Black boy done good, becoming part of the White establishment.

As a person of colour myself, I can see no possible reason nor comprehend such a reason, why any one of us, would ever align ourselves, let alone do the bidding of an oppressor such as is apparent that you appear quite willing to do.

I, for one, can never align myself to anyone or any group, who would seek to consistently undermine, denigrate, or take advantage of us because of our status or skin colour.

Like the cowardly and silent Bailey, you, Cleverly and Badenoch, are, and always will be, both tokens and nothing more!

Where was your outrage and condemnation of your fellow Tory Member of Parliament, AnneMarie Morris and her comment ‘Niggers in a woodpile‘ in the Houses of Parliament?

Yes, you guessed it!

Tumbleweed, you useful idiots!

You are nothing but monkeys to the White man’s organ grinder!





Author: Jason Schumann










Ofsted inspectors will question girls wearing hijabs in primary schools

7 Dec

[Published 07 December, 2017]

This is a guest blog by Iftikar Ahmad of the London School of Islamics. in response to the article published HERE.

Muslim girls who wear the hijab to primary school will be asked why they wear it by inspectors. The reasons given will then be recorded in school reports, amid concerns girls are being forced to wear the headscarf by their parents. Amanda Spielman, the chief inspector of schools, announced the move on Sunday. Imagine being questioned about why you dress the way your parents tell you at 8 years of age!? What do you say?

“Sorry, I’ll tell them they are wrong”?

Looks like Ofsted are now so busy with combating Islam that they will have no time to deal with education? The problem is, before they start the quizzing, they’re making public exactly what the girls should get prepared to reply (by their family) to be allowed to keep the hijab. With all the time to rehearse. Any child asked by an inspector why she’s covering her hair should reply.. ‘its a free country I can wear what I effing want”!! We do not need inspectors chasing Muslims just because we hate them. Looks like Ofsted are now so busy with combating Islam that they will have no time to deal with education?

What is the role of the Government can any of the hijab haters answer This? Or do we need another PREVENT policy to target certain group of people? I bet all the readers who have kids have forced their kids to go to sleep, brush their teeth, wake them out of bed, eat dinner etc, wear a helmet whilst riding bike and so on…So what is wrong with telling your kid to cover the head to if one wants to. There is nothing wrong with this as long as its achieved peacefully and through education. Of course they are forced or at least required to wear hijabs by parents because it is the parents who bring up children according to their tradition, religion or both.

Freedom of religion is imperial . One can choose what to believe in an practise it , it’ not the government’ job to dictate what you should eat, how you should dress ,when you should pray only has the power to coerce it’ civilians but it should just focusing on providing services and infrastructure and education and so on. So they need to send inspectors instead of assuming that it’s the parents brainwashing the kids. Interesting. Maybe they expect to find some 7 years old girls who will give them a detailed report of all the faiths they thoroughly researched before choosing Islam because it’s the one they believe provides the answers to all their existential and philosophical questions.

Parents are free to teach their children what they want as long as it’ not harming them physically or mentally. Its called education not force. I guess every parent has the right to educate their child into doing something which they believe is good (as long as its not a crime etc). It’s the parents that they should be questioning, not the children. No good asking the girls. If they are made to wear it, they will be made to say they aren’t, since that’s what the Inspectors want to hear. Everybody knows who the Inspectors spoke to.

You are/will be brainwashing your believes to your future children on what to do and what not. If my daughter from a young age is willing to wear the hijab I will not oppose it and make her understand that it is empowering her when she reaches puberty and she will be ready for it. When you live in a over sexualised society I believe such precaution is important. The child will progress just as much as the kids not wearing a headscarf in what sense does it make them weaker…apart of you sexualising the children when the Muslim parent prepares them for the real life and teaches what’s right or wrong . Who are you to tell ?

Where is the freedom of religion? Can she not express her identity at young age. Surely preparation makes one better.

I do not want my children to be brainwashed by half naked girls instead I’ll teach her what’s right or wrong and that is my duty not yours not the government. Asking little girls why they wear a headscarf is silly. It is forced on them in one way or another, through dictate by parents, training, social pressure.

Tell that to the Queen… even the DailyMail has no problem with her wearing one… Hijab is not the problem. It’s just a headscarf. The Queen like to wear one!…/The-Queen-steps-headscarf…

Did the NSS also ask for Sikh boys to be quizzed about their turbans and Jewish children for their religious headgear (skull caps or wigs)? If not why are Muslims being exclusively targeted again. I hope they’re also going to quiz Sikh boys who cover their hair..? No, thought not. Just pick on the girls.

Start by quizzing children if they are abused by parent who are alcoholics start by protecting children who are left homeless start by actually doing something usefully instead of targeting Muslims for wearing a religious symbol. Start by quizzing all children why they follow a religion after all they are smart in off to decide for themselves Will they ask Jewish kids if they are wearing their outfits voluntarily?

The opposite to hijab wearing is the display of highly sexualised forms of many western women. Western men get to enjoy this without thinking they are entitled to help themselves to every woman wearing a skirt up to her bum-cheeks.

The bottom line (pun intended) gents, is you can look but not touch. If you are offended, look away you control freak prude.


Edited by: Jason Schumann 


This has been published as an opinion piece only. The contents or views expressed do not necessarily represent those of the author of the blog.

UK Government Dismisses Complaints on Importance of Teaching Black History Authentically in Schools

5 Dec

[Published 04 December, 2017]


If you live in the UK and were or are currently being educated under what is known as the National Curriculum, what you and I have or will be taught about (B)lack History, has always been taught from a Eurocentric or national perspective.

This is to say, (B)lack History has always been and largely continues to be taught today from a ‘colonial’ and semi-religious ‘civilizing’ perspective, albeit with a few very recent additions to the curriculum.

I am a person of colour – both Black and White – who came into existence thanks to a South Afri(k)an Grandfather and Scottish Grandmother.

Both my Grandparents were disowned by their families, because at that time, inter-racial marriages were not accepted.

(No Blacks, no Irish, no Jews, no dogs!)

Thank you, Enoch, you fascist cunt!

Because I have always (and still do) feel as though I am not, nor will I ever be, accepted as fully Black or White, in my late teens I sought to understand my origins, trauma, afflictions, and foibles, as a person of colour.

I wanted to understand my brown skin and golly wog hair and affirm where it is that I am positioned and can identify myself in this world.

Yes, I was taught about slavery and colonialism, but never that it was wrong, immoral, and brutal. Nothing about the role of Arabs, Jews, and my fellow Afrikans, who enabled it. Nor anything about racism or about the contributions of people of colour in society.

I would only begin to learn about this in later, independent studies.

Teaching about Black History from just a slavery and colonial perspective, in fact limits our understanding and perspective of how the world in which, regardless of our cultures and skin tones, is made and remade and impacts on all of us at the basest level of consciousness, histories, traumas, and lived experiences.

Note: Not everything about Black History is about slavery, ffs!

Black History is also about the interconnections, current perspectives, intersectionality, and contributions we make as people of colour in society, generally, in an interconnected, intergenerational and often politically polarized society.

In context, true and authentic history about the histories of all Black and all people of colour – in valuing and identifying our sense of place in the pervading powerful White spaces – should be taught holistically and without bias as a matter of inclusive teaching practice. Our histories define part of us, so if it is incomplete then so are we.

The teaching of Black history should also be specific to society in a local, national, and in a global context, which is to say, although American Black History is relevant from a world history perspective, it is equally if not more important to teach Black British history to Black Britons, Muslims etc.

As the BLAM Charity recently stated at an event held in London for Black History Month:

The false narrative that continually portrays racism and civil rights as an American issue erases the struggles endured by the Black British population.”

In the UK, the National Curriculum for history makes no specific mention of the teaching of Black history or any other history, except to say, from a ‘non-European perspective’ and of ‘Ancient Civilizations.’

Look closely and all statutory and non-statutory teaching requirements concern European and British history, with the exception of the requirement to teach pupils about the holocaust.

In response to a petition by Stephanie Pitter, the UK Government replied:

The content and structure of the new history curriculum provides scope for black history to be taught in schools.”


This, however, is not prescribed in detail within the statutory programmes of study. Instead, schools have the flexibility to teach these topics in ways that are appropriate and sensitive to the needs of their pupils.”

Scope? Flexibility?

One has to ask how it could not be more appropriate and sensitive to teach a Black or any other person of colour about history from their own, as well as from other cultural and national perspectives?

How does the Government respond?

In the primary history programmes of study, Rosa Parks and Mary Seacole are listed at key stage 1 as examples of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements.”

Ms. Parks is not British and was not the first Black woman to refuse to give up her seat.

Although important in the context of history and rights of PoC, the story of Parks was in fact a stunt to stir up a reaction within the Black community by the NAACP. The first person to refuse to give up her seat was Claudette Colvin.

Whilst teaching pupils about Seacole is relevant in the context of Black contributions to British history, it is only recently that her story was added to the curriculum as a topic of study and nearly always there is an institutional and cultural bias toward comparing her against Florence Nightingale. Add to that the story of Seacole is not recent history, so may not be as relevant to some as it is to others.

In any event, in 2012 the Government (Michael Gove, MP) proposed removing Seacole from the curriculum in favor of more important focus on Churchill etc., but was forced to back down, after a petition was set up by Operation Black Vote.

As noted by Gus John:

Every review of the National Curriculum has required us to campaign and lobby to make sure that our children (and all the nation’s children) are not exposed to a white, British nationalist curriculum.”

To illustrate, Nelson Mundell, recounts the comments of one of the presenters at a recent conference on Black history:

During an excellent presentation by Justice 2 History, in which they covered some of the problems they had faced in London classrooms on the teaching of slavery, one of the presenters, a young man from inner London, explained that during his placement he had wandered over to the walls and looked at the displays created by the class. On a poster that collected the generalized end products of slavery, he noticed a subheading titled, something similar to, “how did slavery benefit black people?” Naturally as he recounted this story the audience were all quite shocked and, caught up in the moment, someone declared “if this is what is happening in London schools, what is the teaching around the rest of the country like?

Darren Chetty, a former teacher notes, in the book, the Good Immigrant, how a pupil (a child of colour) once stood up in his class and told him that all stories had to be about White people (1).

Chetty compares this experience with that of Verna Wilkins, whose son came home from school one day with a self-portrait of himself with his face painted in pink. When asked, why pink? Her son replied: ‘Because it has to be that colour.'(2)

The point being made, is that if it is not made a requirement to teach it and to do so in an appropriate and sensitive way, then Black history will only be taught from a White perspective, which ultimately devalues and marginalizes people of colour.

Appropriateness and sensitivity does not include telling your pupils to black-up and wear soiled clothing, or planning a lesson involving a mock slave auction, as was recently the case.

I mean, imagine the uproar of having pupils re-enacting what happened in the Auschwitz concentration camp?

Is that a step too far?

If you think so, you are promoting exceptionalism and victimhood and devaluing the totality of the lived experiences of people of colour.

There is also a strong argument that it will enable the real possibility to reinforce and promote notions of White nationalism and supremacy. The fact that Gove, then Education Secretary, sought to remove Seacole from the curriculum is clear supporting evidence of this.

By not requiring the mandatory inclusion of Black history to be taught in our schools, without which there would be no British history or society, the Government is both failing and damaging Black and other children of colour, by whitewashing Britain’s past and denying people of colour there’s.

In no way does this approach pander to political correctness and neither does it impact on teachers’ freedom to teach.

For a more informed and expert opinion on the importance of authentic representation and teaching of Black history, watch and listen to the author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie HERE.


Author: Jason Schumann


  1. Niklesh Shukla, Ed., The Good Immigrant, Unbound, 2016, p. 100 – 1.
  2. Verna Wilkins, ‘The Right to Be Seen’, Patrick Hardy Lecture, October 29th, 2008.



Symbolism, Remembrance, Peace, Poppies, and Patriotism

17 Nov

[Published 17 November, 2017]

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 17.01.14


The remembrance poppy or red poppy as it is commonly known is being discussed once again, as to its relevance and/ or the importance of what it signifies and represents in minds of individuals and collectively, as a society.

Since its adoption into our consciousness, the poppy has become an internationally recognised sacred symbol to commemorate the ‘fallen’ on Armistice and Anzac Day, who have died in war and is sold in its artificial form to raise money to provide support for veterans.

For some, however, its symbolism and importance as such are considered a bone of contention, in that its use is perceived to glorify war and somehow wrongly promote a sense of national pride and patriotism.

Those who support this view consider that the white poppy is a more appropriate symbol for remembrance, because of its alternative links and association with the pacifist movement, which promotes peace and dialogue over war and nationalist sentiment.

Whatever our views of either poppy, it is important for us all to remember, that totems such as these two poppies have become, are in fact complimentary and as much inextricably linked to one another as are the events of the past and the actions of the present that impact on the future.

Both these totems of human suffering and humanity form part of a universal and shared ritual of memory and coexistence in society that, in my own view, should remain so, as sacrosanct reminders of all our collective experiences and expectations, for a better and more peaceful world in which we would all wish to live equally.


Author: Jason Schumann










Bob Blackman: British MP Unapologetic About Links to antiMuslim Hindu and English Nationalists

28 Oct

[Published 28 October, 2017]


Bob Blackman, a Tory MP and patron of the Campaign Against AntiSemitism, recently hosted a Diwali celebration event in the UK’s House of Commons with extremist, Tapan Ghosh.

The event was also attended by Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, who issued an immediate apology.

Ghosh, a Hindu Nationalist, has previously called for the genocide of Muslims in Kashmir, as well as praising the forced displacement and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Myanmar.

Ghosh, also founder of the Hindu Defence League, has also been praised by former English Defence League founder, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, who is more well-known by the name, Tommy Robinson.

Did Blackman apologise or distance himself from Ghosh?

Answer: No.

In response to questions and criticism of attending an event and meeting with Ghosh, and despite having organised it, Blackman shrugged it off, simply saying he was not aware of who was invited and did not see what all the fuss was about.

In a statement, he gave to the press, he also defended Ghosh, stating that his presence was relevant to the event taking place. Blackman did state that he would have challenged Ghosh had he made any similar comments but that free speech was paramount.

However, it now transpires, that Blackman is also associated with Robinson, having interacted with him and apparently shown agreement with his views on social media. In one such interaction, Blackman retweeted a tweet in which Robinson states that Hindus in Bangladesh are surrounded by Muslims.

What neither Blackman nor Robinson seem to have grasped is that it was the brutalism of British colonialism and policy of divide and rule, which has created and exacerbated religious tensions and the unequal religious makeup of Bangladeshi society; first after the partition of India and then, when Bangladesh became its own country after civil war with and separation from Pakistan.

Blackman and Robinson also seem to ignore nor the fact that it is Bangladesh which is bearing the brunt of the ongoing refugee crisis of the Rahimyar Muslims – who are being driven out of Rakhine and over the border by the Myanmar government – which is arguably adding to the tensions and religious divide.

Blackman’s links with and apparently ardent support for Hindus does not go unmissed or without some questioning as to where his loyalties may lie.

A quick view of Blackman’s expenses, shows that he was paid several hundred pounds to attend an anti-Iran event organized by the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the Welle Association, which supports and explicitly promotes regime change in Iran.

In addition, he also receives regular donations from two Hindu businessmen; a significant donation received from the former hedge fund manager, Lord Fink for undisclosed remunerations; and a donation from a property company to attend a conference in Israel.

There is an even larger donation received from the Indian High Commission.

India, incidentally, conspired with Bengali and Hindu Nationalists, for the civil war that brought about the creation and establishment of Bangladesh, which was also funded and supported by Israel and British governments.

Not directly, but by repeatedly ‘liking’ and ‘retweeting’ criticism and hatred toward Muslims, Blackman, indirectly, shows himself for who he really is and who he supports.

Rajnish Kashyap, Director of the Hindu Council of Britain, was asked to comment and condemn the invitation of Ghosh to the House of Commons event hosted by Blackman, but has failed to respond.

And, whilst the Campaign Against AntiSemitism maliciously and wrongly accuses the European Forum for Ethnic Minority Individuals, Communities, Individuals, and Organizations of creating tension between Sikhs and Muslims, it has so far refused to remove Blackman as its patron.

All the while, Campaign Against AntiSemitism, has recently called for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign to remove as a patron and disassociate itself from the Jewish comedian, Alexi Sayle, following an interview with Sky News in which he claimed that all allegations of antisemitism “amongst supporters of Jeremy Corbyn are a complete fabrication.”

Presumably, Blackman remains as a patron of the fake charity, Campaign Against AntiSemitism because of his support and associations with and for Hindu Nationalists against Muslims, which, naturally, serves Israel’s interests best.

Watch this space for the Campaign Against AntiSemitism to come back with a smear, making false accusations of antiSemitism.

Sadly, it would appear that Muslims are now under attack from all sides of the fascistic spectrum.

Since publishing this blog, Blackman has sadly blocked on Twitter.

Author: Jason Schumann

A Person of Interest: Trolls, Zionists, and Others

23 Oct

[Published 23 October, 2017]

Over the years, my blog and social media posts have amassed a certain amount of interest.

My followership and those whom take an interest in what I blog or post about can be broken down into four different types.

First, we have those who often share an interest of what I post, whom I would term likeminded and woke individuals, who actually give a damn about the world in which we live. Even if just on one particular subject or topic that I comment on or blog about.

The second group, whom I refer to as ‘specimens’, are the obsessive and pathetic trolls that lurk under the dark rocks and in corners of what has become antisocial media, who appear to have nothing better to do than spy on me every day.

You could call this group my deranged fans, of sorts.

Someone I no longer associate with calls them the ‘fish wives.’ This group hiss, backbite and form little armies in an effort to somehow bring about my demise.

Delusion, I know.

They’re never successful at it though; I am always ready for them and have others who look out for me and tip me off about their plans.

Yes, it’s actually that lame that there are those who have to keep a look out for me because these pernicious trogs and specimens simply won’t move on.

Someone in particular has been paying a few keyword searches on my blog, repeatedly.

The third group is a group of hardcore Zionists, who just love to scream and yell “ANTISEMITE”, at anyone who is critical of Israel or questions the perpetual victimhood of the Jewish diaspora.

Don’t get me wrong, historically, Jews have indeed suffered immensely and I do not nor would I ever seek to diminish that. Only seeking to point out the hypocrisy when it comes to Israel’s maltreatment of Palestinians and others.

The most pernicious of this group like to write blogs about me, to discredit and smear, which is what they do.

The last group who seem to avidly follow me are the private and state actors; you know, like the ones who recently placed a bomb under the car of the Maltese journalist, for example.

These are perhaps the worst of my stalkers. The one’s who do not like me poking into or exposing their business practices and corruption.

These are the one’s whose human rights abuses, business and other affairs I look into and expose.

I dare say I have cost them a fair packet in fees after spooking them into moving their cash around to different offshore accounts.

You can see here who they are.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 22.14.21

Now ask yourself: Why would a company like Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu search a blog specifically on the subjects of the Israeli Lobby or money laundering? Add to that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs conducting the same search less than 12 hours prior? And how did either of them come across my blog?

In addition, how on earth would the US Department for Defense have come across or been alerted to my blog?

Interestingly in the case of the former, the Paradise Papers have just been released and it is public knowledge that I have exposed and lodged official complaints regarding tax avoidance, offshore accounts, and money laundering.

Anyhow, troll, stalker, whatever, we know where to look and who to blame if anything should happen to me.

Oh, and take a seat whilst waiting for me to give a fuck.

Author: Jason Schumann

The Art of Manipulation: Israel Manoeuvres to Put US on War Footing with Iran

21 Oct

[Published 20 October, 2017]

In the week that the puppet president, Trump announced he was tearing up the nuclear non-proliferation deal with Iran, it appears that it is Israel that is the one pulling his strings from the outset. Rehmat’s World wrote that American writer and author Dan Sanchez in an article had predicted that the bloody war by Israel and its Zionist lobbyists in the Middle East was destined to fail, in which he calls Israel a warmonger. Even as early as 1990, former president Reagan accused Israel of misleading him over the Iran contra affair.

Trump’s announcement that it was a “bad deal” clearly illustrates his willingness to wag tail when told by his master but also his naivety on the world stage and grasping of the fundamentals of basic diplomacy. The obtuse and train wreck of a moron even had the brass neck to lay blame on Iran for successive US invasions in the Middle East and North Africa.

For the record, when the security of the entire region of the Middle East and, indeed, the rest of the world is at stake, the last thing any sane individual should do, is seek to antagonise a wrongly perceived obstacle and enemy to world peace. Even the most simple-minded individual should know this.

As David Frum put it in the Atlantic, Trump’s threats aren’t credible because he himself isn’t credible. In other words, Trump is a complete moron. In the same piece, Frum goes on to suggest that Trump’s announcement is not unwelcome to some. Well, yes, Israel wants it to happen.

Trump should have learned this lesson from the recent response he received from Kim Jong Un after his sabre-rattling and making baseless threats to destroy North Korea.

In short, Trump has absolutely no power at all to tear up the deal, whatever Israel demands and neither does the US Congress, or the US State department. The sheer notion of a war with Iran is ludicrous wishful thinking at best. Israel can whistle.

Rightly so, Trump was immediately slapped down by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and a European Commission spokeswoman. Both of whom reminded Trump that the deal was a multi-lateral and not a bi-lateral agreement. Even France and Britain have spoken out against Trump on pulling out of the deal.

As was the case with the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan before, Israel’s demands and expectations, are that the US ultimately dismantle Iran by creating another proxy war under false pretences of WMDs. This is not going to happen, because the rest of the world will not allow it. To tear it up would require the consent of all parties to the deal, which is never going to happen. China and Russia will never acquiesce.

Feck knows what Trump’s thinking was when coming out with this statement and obviously he wasn’t listening to any advice given to him before making it except that which was being fed to him via Israel.

Just like most other US president’s, Trump is another of Israel’s lapdog, acting like a deranged wind-up duracell bunny, with a perma case of foot-in-mouth and crass arrogance in a ‘who’s got the biggest dick contest.’

In addition to subsidising Israel’s economy to the tune of billions of US taxpayer dollars, the US and Israel have always had a special relationship regarding but-not-limited-to, who in the Middle East is permitted to possess such weapons and go unchecked.

The relationship has always favoured Israel, as you can see here:

For those somehow unaware or ill-informed, the deal between Israel and the US, is that the latter acts as guard dog, whilst neglecting the American people, in favour of funding Israel’s tech developments and protecting its expansionism.

In Netanyahu’s recent speech to the UN General Assembly, he declared, “Israel’s policy toward the nuclear deal with Iran is very simple: Change it or cancel it.” And he made no secret of what that meant: If Trump doesn’t “cancel” the deal, he must get rid of its “sunset clause” and demand that Iran end its advanced centrifuges and long-range missile program, among other fundamentally unattainable objectives.

It is also well-known that Jared Kushner is a strong advocate of Israel and a longstanding friend of Netanyahu’s, wrote Gareth Porter in the above article. In his book, Porter contends that the nuclear threat by Iran is entirely manufactured by Israel.

To add further weight to Israel pulling the strings, it was the Israeli senior diplomat, Elad Ratson, attached to the British embassy of Israel, who kind of let the let the cat of the bag, so-to-speak.

Within a few days of Trump’s announcement, the US Treasury put out a statement designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a supporter of global terrorism but stopping short of accusing it of the manufacture of weapons of mass destruction.

As with many others, Ratson was quick to jump on and praise the statement, suggesting that it was a great move. When asked what he meant and to clarify the role of Israel in the matter he clammed up and immediately blocked the person asking him on social media but not before agreeing that war was on the cards. Ratson also praised the decision by the US to pull funding and support for UNESCO and suggested the UNRWA was next in Israel’s sights for criticism of Israel’s human rights abuses against Palestinians.

In June 2017, Hanin Abou Salem, for Al-Jazeera, claimed that the Netanyahu wants to disband the UNRWA because of its humanitarian work with Palestinian refugees. Ratson’s posts on social media and comments made by Ambassador Nikki Haley to the UN would seem to confirm. Until there is a solution between Israel and Palestine then the mandate of UNRWA is not done, says Salem. Therefore, the only way for Israel to resolve its Palestinian problem is to remove UNRWA.

As stated earlier, all of this is manufactured to serve Israel’s interests, whilst it, Israel, wreaks havoc across the world unabated. To be clear, Israel is a warmonger and worse than all other countries combined, in my personal opinion.

I never thought I would say this, but Israel is a pariah, largely responsible for all the wars in the Middle East and North Africa since the 70s, and humanity’s greatest threat. Yes, the US invaded and did the killing but Israel put them up to, causing complete carnage and creating the current refugee crisis in Europe in the process.

If Israel continues its meddling in this way, then it needs to be put down like the rabid dog that it is. Either Israel plays peacemaker and starts being civil or drag it and Netanyahu to the international criminal court. Should that fail and Israel continues in the way it has been, then dismantling it is the only solution in order to save the rest of humanity.

As the Kuwaiti official, Marzouq Al-Ghanim said this week to the Israeli delegation at conference in Russia: “occupiers… if you have no shame… get out of the room.”

Author: Jason Schumann

What is it with White people, Black face, and Nazi uniforms?

18 Oct

[Published 18 October, 2017]


Let’s forget the deeply troubled Rachel Dolezal’s identity politics and cultural appropriation for the time being — yes, I do intend to write a blog about her and on this subject shortly.

In recent weeks, we have been informed by the media of a group of moronic British university students going on a ‘safari tour’ in South London, to experience the ‘culinary delights’ of ‘ethnic food’ in the form of fried chicken.

Less so in the UK but more so in the US, the association of fried chicken as a dietary staple and regular consumption of, is often an implied stereotype and derogatory comment on the social standing of African-Americans.

It goes like this: eating chicken, is poor man’s food, so all African-Americans are poor and thus it continues… all Muslims are terrorists, all Jews are baby killers… and so on!

Rather benignly, the Students’ Union involved claimed that the event was in fact a counter response to the gentrification of the local area.

What can one deduce from this?

Presumably, the perception is, that inner city urban areas currently occupied by greater numbers of people of colour – entirely enabled due to Government settlement and disbursement policies, in case you are somehow unaware – are now being displaced, due to the pushing up of house prices and the cost of living by wealthier White people and foreign investors seeking to make a profit. 

Therefore, why not allow and even celebrate the myth that people of colour; particularly Black or African-Americans, have for the love of fried chicken, wherever they are in the world.

Do you follow?

In other words, ‘We [privileged] White folk, are merely seeking to remember and give value to the contribution of Black people in society.’ Because this is what we perceive and have been taught to believe and has meaning to them — Black folk, of course.


Perhaps even more spectacular, than Dolezal’s self-delusion of her rights to how she should be entitled to self-identify her ethnicity, we now have another White female, who has gone completely beyond the pale.

In the header image of this blog, we can see Martina Big. Ms. Big (nee Adams), who was born a White woman, now claims to be Black, but only after taking a concoction of drugs, injections, supplements, and many hours on a sun-bed or in a solarium to change the colour and pigment of her natural skin tone.

According to media reports, Big, claims that it is not only her skin tone that has changed – implying that she has also lost her sense of White privilege – that her outlook, and understanding of the every day lived experience and predicament of being a person of colour is more pronounced.

[I dare say that it is, cough!]

Ms. Big claims that she underwent a transformation of herself, into a person of colour, after undergoing some kind of [chemically induced] evolutionary metamorphosis or realisation of the suffering of minorities.

Seriously, you could not make this shit up!

Next, in view of the fact that this month is also recognised internationally as Black History Month, we also have the case of a British Head Teacher of a primary school in London, giving the okay to pupils dressing up as African slaves.

In repeating comments made by a local newspaper*, the Guardian newspaper reports that the school advised parents:

“It might be an idea to not wash these clothes and stain them with tea or coffee to look more authentic.”

The Head Teacher has since apologised, claiming that the idea for such recognition and commemoration, was, sadly, in considerable poor taste.

Right, that makes it all okay then!

As one parent, speaking to the Newham Recorder*, said: “You wouldn’t ask Jewish children to come in and re-enact the Holocaust.”

Apparently, the same parent then appeared to defend the school, saying the letter sent to parents was “rogue” rather than representative of the school’s approach.

Then there is the matter of a halloween party in a small-minded community in North Carolina, depicting White children in Blackface, as ‘puppets on a string’, for the amusement of White locals.

removed photo.png

For the ignorant among you, Black-face has a long history in White, Western cultures, for mocking and belittling people of colour.

Again, apparently, this is also culturally irrelevant and only fun!

Nothing to do with the general perception of White people’s right to be offensive in such a manner.

But hey, freedom of expression, right?!

All hail the privilege of the White man!

As the Raw Story also reported, imitation, ridicule, or mimicry of people (of other cultures) in suffering, is a particular trait of White people.

Another willing participant, is the multinational company, Ebay, which was selling imitation Anne Frank costumes for Halloween. I mean, as if the tragic story of Anne Frank – not to mention the millions of Jews and others who died in WW2 – is some kind of further amusement for the privileged the White people?

As innocuous as some elements of cultural appropriation or mocking may first appear to be, such as wearing braids and tattoos, parading around in Nazi uniforms and Blackface clearly do not fit into that category.

Such arrogance, or perceived right or sense of privilege, is clearly an anathema to any normal individual and a disease of the society, culture, and thinking to which s/he belongs.

How can mocking someone’s history, circumstance, torture, suffering, or misfortune ever be considered an acceptable form of emulation or any thing else in any modern or progressive society?

Seriously, take a look at yourselves!

Author: Jason Schumann

Las Vegas Terror Attack: Israeli Propaganda and Fake News

7 Oct

[Published 05 October, 2017]


In the aftermath of the recent terrorist attack in Las Vegas, in which more than 406 people were injured and 58 dead, both the mainstream and right-wing media were quick to initially blame it on a Muslim extremist.

It began with the likes of Breitbart and the UK’s Mail Online claiming that the attack was carried out by ISIS.

The Mail Online’s Rod Ardehali published a piece suggesting ISIS had called for an attack as early as May. The headline and Ardehali’s piece have since been amended and Ardehali’s name as the author has been removed.


Later that day, on the 02 October, the claim that the terrorist in this attack was a Muslim convert was published via Amaq, Islamic State’s semi-official news agency, which we now know to be a false claim.

As one social media commentator amusingly put it: “ISIS would claim responsibility for anything, except PPI [Payment Protection Insurance].”

Several hours before Amaq’s now debunked claim and Site Intel Group’s subsequent repetition of it, Arutz Sheva claimed in an ‘unofficial report’, that the Israeli radio station, Reshet Bet had reported that the terrorist’s name was one ‘Samir Al-Hijab’, who had converted to Islam in his 30’s, claiming Samir was Stephen Paddock’s Muslim name.

The right-wing Breitbart propaganda website, created and funded by Israel, repeated the false claims first made by Site Intel Group, a site led by Rita Katz, whose site claims to be a ‘provider of Jihadist/Far Right & Far Left/Cyber Security News’, that the terrorist was a Muslim convert.

Like the Mail Online, Arutz has now amended its original piece and reporting on this false claim and Reshet has denied any such reporting of it. Arutz only did so after a barrage of demands were made on social media for it to stop spreading fake news.

Unfortunately, this has not stopped any of other right-wing media, extremists and supporters, like Paul Joseph Weston, Robert Spencer, and the Zionist Islamophobe, Ambrosine Chetrit repeating similar false claims. Even the so-called liberal Haaretz newspaper repeated the claim.

As we now know, the terrorist in the Las Vegas was one Stephen Craig Paddock, a 64-year-old, who is believed to have been shot when Las Vegas police entered the 32 second floor hotel room of the Mandalay Bay Hotel from where he was shooting.

Alongside the false claim of any ISIS involvement, the former partner of Paddock’s female companion, a man named Geary Danley, was also falsely implicated. Again, this was put out by the very same right-wing media sources, largely due to a search of some of Geary’s social media postings criticising Donald Trump.

This is yet another case of fake news and false reporting by the mainstream and right-wing media outlets in order to demonise Muslims to further Israel’s interests and agenda.

Interestingly, Rita Katz, who is largely responsible for this false narrative, also has links to Arutz Sheva and many of the other right-wing supporters of this fake narrative that ISIS was responsible and Paddock was a Muslim convert.

It is also worth noting, that Ms. Katz is an Iraqi Jew and has spent the last week making retractions and amendments to the original fake story she authorised, if not putting it out herself since it was discovered that the story was just that.

Her father was executed for spying for Israel, thus giving her good reason to dislike Muslims. She also supported the invasion of Iraq and has many connections with Israel and the Zionist lobby and propaganda machine in the US.

Not surprisingly, Facebook and Google have also played a role in reporting the false narrative that this terrorist attack was initiated by ISIS and Paddock was a Muslim Convert, from which they have also profited by placing ads alongside fake postings and stories published.

As the UK’s Guardian newspaper noted:

Facebook’s “Safety Check” page, which is supposed to help people connect with loved ones during the crisis, ended up briefly promoting a story that said the shooter had “Trump-hating” views, along with links to a number of other hoaxes and scams, according to screenshots. At the same time, Google users who searched Geary Danley’s name were at one point directed to the 4chan thread filled with false claims.

The Las Vegas police have stated, categorically, that this attack was not initiated by ISIS, Paddock was not a Muslim, nor was his partner involved (she was in the Philippines), or was Geary involved, who was on the opposite side of the US at the time it took place.

ISIS’ claims of responsibility for this terrorist attack seek to instil fear and ferment hatred of Muslims. But as we all know ISIS is funded by the US and other, occidental, governments.

Despite the fake narrative of the Las Vegas terrorist attack now being disproved, there will be many who will still believe that the fake story is still true.

If, at all possible, these individuals, need to acquire some common sense and need to ask themselves: Why and who would spread these false rumours, fake news, and misinformation?

The answer to these questions are simple: It benefits Israel and harms Muslims.

This is exactly what Israel and its advocates and supporters want.

As Malcolm X is once reputed to have said:


He also said, that if you are not careful, the media [and your governments] will have you hating the oppressed, and loving those who oppress the weak and oppressed.

Forgive the use of the pun, but stay woke and do not believe ALL your governments tell you or that you read in the media!

Author: Jason Schumann

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