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Twitter Launches All-Out Assault On Freedom Of Speech

18 Nov

The focus of this blog article is set out in two parts:

a) The rightful shutting down and suspensions of social media user accounts that espouse, promote, and/ or incite hatred;

b) The wrongful shutting down and suspensions of social media user accounts that espouse valid criticism of human rights abuses by oppressive nation states.

Despite falling traffic and market value, in a drive to combat so-called online ‘hate speech’, Twitter has recently started banning controversial and/ or outspoken user accounts on its social media platform.

One of the first accounts to fall foul of Twitter’s perma-suspension/ lifetime ban, was that of Milo Yiannopoulos, known as ‘the infamous internet troll.’

This was back in July 2016, after he (Milo) attacked the actress, Leslie Jones, and encouraged his followers to do the same, which included her receiving death threats and racial abuse.

More recently, Twitter has begun dishing out bans to similar accounts of the alt-right.

Slate has since reported, that the most prominent of these, was Richard Spencer, director of a white nationalist think tank, the National Policy Institute. His associated accounts were also suspended.

USA Today also reports that other alt-right user accounts have been suspended.

Other accounts, such as Tarek Fatah, David Vance, Tommy Robinson, Pam Geller, Pat Condell, Paul Joseph Watson, and Robert Spencer, have so far escaped the culling.

Don’t get me wrong, Twitter is right to do this.

In this instance, this is not about silencing rights and freedoms to speak one’s mind, seek to offend, or be politically incorrect. The issue here, is one of stopping hate speech and incitement.

As evidence of the problem, we only need look at Trump’s rhetoric during the presidential campaign. There is clear evidence that his comments spawned several thousand racist hate attacks, abuse, and also murders, across the US. How do we know Trump is to blame? Well, in many of the incidents, his supporters, who have been the perpetrators in many instances, claimed to have his consent to carry out their racist acts.

Within the last few days, Tommy Robinson, the Pegida, UK leader and founder of the former English Defence League, incited his followers to claim that an anti-Islamophobia campaign, #IAM2016, launched by Mend Community, was in fact, a campaign supporting Daesh.

It is clear, that the alt-right are inciting hatred and abuse online, which, in turn, manifests in our every day real lives, causing genuine harm and suffering; mainly to the lives of minority communities.

(As an aside, the recent and now more prevalent use of the term ‘alt-right’ is a deliberately misapplied label, that is used to disguise, not only the views of those who consider themselves as libertarians espousing the right to offend and speak without censure, but also to make the views of extremists and racists on the far right more acceptable and tolerated.

Indeed, use of the term ‘alt-right’ is one of the single most cynical, perverse and iniquitous attempts by the likes of Milo, Robinson, Watson et al, to seek to diminish and white-wash the impact of hate speech and racism ladled on minorities and trivialise what they perceive is the right to abuse, cause offence and spread hatred).

Without doubt, Twitter should be applauded for its efforts to curb members of the Far Right from spreading hate, marginalising minorities, promoting homophobia, misogyny, racial abuse, and inequality.

After-all, there is no such thing as free speech without responsibility. Any sane and reasonable person accepts this. If not, you are more than likely to have one or more personality disorders.

More worryingly, however, is that Twitter is now actively silencing liberals and socialists, like myself, who speak out against members of the Far Right and crimes of oppressive regimes, such as Saudi, Turkiye and Israel.

Erdogan and Netanyahu have both actively sought to crush the right of any individual to criticise their national policies of brutality, human rights abuses, political interventions, and continued war crimes.

For its part, the UK-based Community Security Trust (CST), working on behalf of the Israeli government, announced a few days ago, that it is working with and to ‘influence’ and re-educate Twitter to ‘remove’ anti-Zionist accounts, critical of Israel’s apartheid, demonstrated by its forced displacement of people, and illegal annexation and occupation of Palestinian lands.

As the journalist Asa Winstanley recently reminded us with a post on his Twitter feed, CST – a so-called registered charity, under the guise of monitoring anti-Semitism – ‘leads’, and ‘has been secretly participating in counter measures to shut down campaigns by the BDS movement‘, for a number of years.

The relevance of the use of the word ‘secretly’ in the above statement, by Asa, is very pertinent here.

As is clearly evident by recent statements made by the UK Tory party Conservative Friends of Israel, CST proactively seeks to influence and subvert the UK Government in its effort to have anti-Zionism and the BDS movement labelled as anti-Semitic and thus proscribed. Thereby creating a new offence, punishable by criminal sanction, such as a fine or prison sentence.

‘Antony Lerman — a genuine expert on the problem of anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish violence in Europe — has strongly criticized the CST for its conflation of anti-Semitism with any moves to question the behavior of the State of Israel.’

(Quote from Sarah Irving Lobby Watch, published on Electronic Intifada’s site on 20 January 2015)

CST’s efforts to criminalise BDS and anti-Zionism in the UK have thus far failed, despite mucho butthurt outrage and protestations from other, equally, subversive and vexatious UK-based Jewish organisations, including by the Israeli government itself and Mark Regev, its UK Ambassador.

Like its counter-parts, such as the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, one of the other nefarious tactics that CST employs – in seeking to silence constructive debate and criticism to challenge and bring Israel’s human rights abuses to the fore – is to recruit, train, and work with individual volunteers. These volunteers then harass and name and shame BDS supporters and anti-Zionists online and in their real lives.

Both CST and CAA also encourage their volunteers to make multiple false and malicious reports to Twitter – in order to have BDS and pro-Palestinian accounts suspended – as recently happened to my Twitter account.

(As shown in the above link, @BedlamJones (regarding my own account suspension) is a well-known Zionist troll on social media, working with CST and other Zionist propaganda organisations, to have mine and other anti-Zionist twitter accounts suspended. It was CST who personally had my own account suspended).

My own account was suspended because I tweeted a meme of a troll doll with the quote ‘I would pay to see a noose around my trolls’ neck’. Twitter claims that my tweet was a violent threat and targeted harassment.

Similarly to making multiple false reports to Twitter, CST and CAA actively encourage their volunteers to gather potential evidence and make reports to the police to bring criminal charges of anti-Semitism. Insofar as I am aware, these efforts have failed in all but one case.

There is also new evidence that CST and CAA ‘volunteers’ are actively attempting to hack BDS and anti-Zionist social media accounts, as shown here:

Twitter, more bizarrely, is now is now being increasingly selective and biased in which accounts it will suspend. In an experiment conducted by one user, the user tweeted the same post, but from two different accounts, substituting the word ‘White’ for the word ‘Black’. Guess which account Twitter suspended.

I will leave you with this quote by Voltaire:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

In conclusion, it appears that the battle for freedom of speech; to challenge racism, oppression, and the criminal activity of nations such as Israel, has now stalled, and that by collusion with Twitter, proponents of, have won the argument for the moment.

All this serves to do, is to drive people away and make them more determined.

From my perspective, efforts to counter criticism of Israel’s war crimes, by smears, discrediting, and malicious reports, also ferments and exacerbates animosity toward Israel and Jews in general.

Yes, extremism, racism and anti-Semitism are entirely wrong! That said, I believe Zionism is racism.

I, and others like me, will continue to fight it!

The same view applies to the likes of Saudi and Turkiye.

TAKE NOTE: One day, we will rise again, and there will be change, but let’s just hope the Far Right don’t!

By Jason Schumann

formerly @debatingculture


Remembering Victims of Holocaust: A Memorial for One or All?

29 Sep

As part of an address to British Jewish communities, former PM, David Cameron, pledged that the UK Government would fund a memorial in remembrance of the mainly Jewish victims of World War 2.

The memorial is to be sited in Victoria Tower Gardens, next to Parliament.

Since the announcement, plans for the memorial are now expected to include a learning centre, for school groups and visitors to London.

A competition was recently announced for the design of the memorial, including plans for the learning centre.

If it does not run over budget, the whole project is expected to cost around £50 million, largely paid for by the British taxpayer.

As noted in the Mirror, ‘UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation chairman, Sir Peter Bazalgette, said: “The task of the Holocaust Memorial Foundation was to find a site that would allow a striking, prominent and iconic memorial to be built.”‘

In effect, the memorial and learning centre, will become Britain’s answer to Auschwitz and the Anne Frank Museum.

Understandably, a number of individuals, including myself have voiced concerns. Some, rightly or wrongly, now consider it an industry.

For me, as I will explain, I do not believe that there has ever been only one holocaust, but that there have been many holocausts, of equal significance, and equal worthiness of commemorating the victims of.

Indeed, when I asked Olivia Marks-Woldman, CEO of the Holocaust Memorial Trust, ‘why can we not have a universal memorial and learning centre to remember all holocausts not just one?’

Her response was, because the ‘Holocaust’ was unique.’

(I’ve since emailed her to clarify this profound and exceptional differentiating statement, but I am yet to receive a response or acknowledgement).


Sorry, not sorry! No one event in our wretched histories that ‘qualifies’ as a holocaust/ genocide, is no less, or more unique or significant than any other similar event in history.

To imply that it (WWII) is deserving of  uniqueness, only serves to diminish the other (such catastrophic events, in our shared histories) and asserts privilege of one group of victims (of such events) and the suffering (and heinous acts committed against one group) over another.

As Jackie Walker, of the UK Labour party’s Momentum group recently noted — and was subsequently on the receiving end of a tremendous amount of unwarranted vitriol from Jewish media for stating — the term ‘Holocaust’ is not a term that is the preserve or monopoly of Jews alone (paraphrased).

Indeed. Jews were not the only victims of World War 2.

In case you do not know/ have forgotten, many members of Roma, Polish, Muslims, LGBT, and other communities were victims too.

Clearly, a £50 million memorial, solely for the remembrance of Jewish victims of World War 2, simply reinforces ideas of (Jewish) privilege and victimhood, thus reinforcing negative stereotypes and prejudicial resentment of Jews.

Here is a list of Holocausts in recent times:


The term ‘Holocaust’ does not, nor has it ever done, belonged solely to members of the Jewish community.

The term ‘holocaust’  was only adopted as such, in the 1950’s, after World War 2.

(The term ‘Holocaust’, in its original meaning, refers to sacred burning or sacrifice.)


It was first used in terms of genocide by John Milton in the 17th century.

If we are to remember ALL our dead, at the hands of bastards, murderers, and maniacal dictators, and learn from such past atrocities, committed by and against humankind, what we should have, is one memorial, and one learning centre, to remember all victims of all holocaust and genocidal acts.

It is my view, that we should (all) universally unite in our mourning, condemnation, and determination to say: Never Again!

A very recent study I have conducted confirms that such a memorial should not be attributed to Jews alone.


Because it devalues and assigns all other victims of holocaust to second status.



By Jason Schumann



Disclaimer and Notice to Followers and Trolls on Social Media

8 Sep

Twitter Header.png


My FB account is private, which means only those I allow to follow me, can see me and see what I post there.

There is good reason for this; my trollowers and haters, alike, used to like to visit my FB page and download images of my family, friends, and I, then post on social media (sometimes photoshopped with obscenities) to harass me.

Because of the abuse I have received, as a result of my haters and trollowers, the only way you will ever gain access to my FB is if I invite you, or I receive a recommendation to accept you.

This is entirely a precautionary measure to protect my privacy, smears, and my family and friends from abuse.


I have several accounts on twitter; mainly associated with my work, activism, and causes that I support.

I generally tweet about culture, politics, current affairs, and Human Rights. However, I also support several charities, campaigns, and conduct online research, for my work.

I do not generally interact with my followers on twitter, largely because I am fed up with the abuse I often receive, and the dramas, people often try to drag me into.

My purpose on twitter is not to socialise, but to observe, share, research and learn about topics and events in which I am interested.

Other Social Media:

I am not present on any other social media.


I am generally polite, but I speak my mind, and often swear demonstratively, or when someone is abusing, attacking, or trolling me.

I am also prone to swearing at people who post inane, stupid, racist, sexist, homophobic comments.

I make no apologies for this. If you do not like my repost, then do not post anything that falls within the above definitions and/ or do not abuse or try to flame or goad me into a reaction.


I do not abuse, nor do I expect or ask to receive abuse.

If you abuse me, I will request an apology. If you do not apologise, I will block and report you.

Do not abuse me, and not expect it back. It is, afterall, a two way street.

If you abuse, insult, swear at, or curse me, then expect me to retort. Likely, I will block you or call you a cunt.

I do not submit to the view that women are always victims on social media.

If a woman, on social media, messages me or replies to something I have posted, with which she disagrees, with any abuse, profanity, threats, or bile, I will retort.

That is quid pro quo and is the essence of gender equality, in my book.

Women want absolute equality?

I will defend that goal to the max; equality for all is part of my journey.

However, abuse me, regardless of whether you are a woman, and there will be no special favours, except where inequality or misogyny is present or exists.

You should be aware that I have a sharp tongue and a very low tolerance for hatred, being abused or harassed, and intrusions on my family and private life.

I will gladly dish out far worse than I often receive. If that means going out of my way to ruin of you, I am more than happy to execute.

#Protip: Do not dish out that which you are not willing to receive in return.

Racists and Haters:

Any homophobic, racist, or xenophobic types, will be blocked immediately.

And if I do engage, it is usually to highlight their intent, idiocy, racism, misogyny, abuse, or to ridicule.

I do not actively troll or abuse anyone, but I will challenge any of the above for the reasons I have given.

Tagging Me:

This is when you copy me into a post, with someone else, without asking me, or without asking my permission.

Sometimes, this is fine, as it is something in which I may have a personal, academic, or social interest.

Other times, it may be with someone with whom I disagree, have no care for, or whom I consider to be racist, offensive, an abuser, or a troll.

In the event you tag me, and the person is a troll, harasser, abuser, racist, etc. I will ask you to untag me — remove my name from the conversation (twonvo).

If you do not comply, I will normally give you a second or third warning. After that, I will block you.

Please do not tag me to ‘white knight’ or defend you; I will only do so, if I feel concerned.


I do not go out of my way to offend, be profane, or be offensive.

If you take offense by something I post, please ask me to clarify my position.

Do not be accusatory, insult, swear at, or abuse me. I will block.

If I make a mistake, I will publicly apologise.


I believe Zionism is racism , but that the Jewish diaspora are deserving of a homeland, just not at the expense and/ or displacement of Palestinians.

I have come to learn that most Zionists are apologists for their hate and the crimes of the Israeli government; including child detentions, murder, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, illegal occupation, inequality and more.

Most Zionists cannot and will not debate, so I block them. Usually, with the hashtags #cuntblock or #ironThumb.

I am open to debate, but only if you (if you fit in this category) are reasonable and open to debate with me.

If you call me an anti-Semite because of my stance on Israel’s illegal settlements, UN violations, interference of national politics etc., you have already lost the argument.


I have no time for. They should be starved of oxygen. I would gladly pay good money to see a few of them hang.

I will immediately block and report them.


Do not use photos of my family or me without my consent; I will report you, as they are my copyright and posting them without my consent is a form of harassment and a violation of my rights on every social media platform, no matter where in the world.

Data Protection and Copyright:

Any images of my family or me are 100% my copyright.

You post them on social media; especially to harass me, I will report you.

Post my email, home fone, address, same response applies.


If you repeatedly abuse, breach my privacy, copyright, or smear me, without provocation or justification, I will report you to the police and social media.

I am known to issue criminal and civil proceedings against those who do.


These are direct private messages; they are confidential.

Unless I give my consent for you to share, disclose, or otherwise use something I have shared with you by direct or private message, it is private.

Sharing it, is a breach of my trust and privacy, and will be acted upon.


I receive lots of messages.

I am not able to respond to all messages, so do not take offense.

I do my utmost to respond to all messages that people send to me.

Retweets and Favourites:

These are not endorsements of what you have posted.

If I RT or Fav you, it merely means I am interested in what you have posted.

Deletions, Corrections, Omissions, and Apologies:

If I tweet or post something incorrect, by all means, ask me to correct, furnish, or delete.

However, I am not obliged to do so, unless it is factually incorrect, a distortion of truth, slander, or libel.

Please provide any supporting evidence to enable me to consider a correction.

If I am wrong, I will delete and offer my apologies.

If you are merely butthurt, then jog on and cry me a river. Equally, you could go fill out this form waiting for me to give a fuck:

Failing which, sue me!


Jason Schumann, aka @debatingculture

Reply to Matthew Strebe on Hoppe and Immigration — Notes On Liberty

1 Sep

In response to my recent post on immigration, fellow note-writer Mattew Strebe asserts two main objections to my defense of open borders: freedom of movement is not a right in the first place so immigration restrictions are not violating anyone’s rights, and that citizenship is relevant to the debate over the impact of policies. In […]

via Reply to Matthew Strebe on Hoppe and Immigration — Notes On Liberty

Turkish Society and Human Rights Violations of LGBT People

21 Jun

This article was original researched and published on the News786 website, in 2015, until the site ran into difficulties, and Modi’s government took down the website:



In 2015, Kemal Ördek, a Turkish trans activist, was raped, and then put in prison cell with her attackers.

Kemal Ördek had answered her door to two men, who forced their way into her home. Ördek was robbed of her mobile phone, raped, and then arrested by police. Fortunately, the rapists were found and taken into custody. Unfortunately, they were placed in the same cell as Ördek.

In a blog post, on the website LGBTI News Turkiye, Ördek said that they (the attackers) threatened murder, if the charges were not dropped.  The attackers response? “Drop this case. You know what will happen if you don’t… we know where you live now”.

Ördek refused to sign a statement, which focused on the attackers’ version of events. In any event, the attackers were released without charge, and continued to call on Ördek’s phone for some months after the ordeal.

At the 2015 Istanbul Pride Parade, in Taksim Square, Turkish Riot Police fired their water cannons on attendees. Police also beat and fired rubber bullets at them, and were filmed beating a trans woman and knocking her to the ground.

Turkish opposition members of parliament formed a human chain in the square to protect marchers from riot police, Al Jazeera America reported.

In 2013, a trans woman died, after being subjected to a brutal attack. The victim was reportedly a resident of the Meis district, where complaints of police violence, and pressure from local residents, have been reported since October 2012.

Again, in 2013, the Bar Association in Diyarbakir, the largest city of Turkiye’s mainly Kurdish southeast, received an application from teenage boy, who, on the advice of friends, sought refuge with the institution. The teenager, whose name is withheld due to his receiving death threats, gave the following statement: “I was beaten by family members after they learned I was homosexual”.

In 2012, a father was jailed for killing his gay son. Roşin Çiçek was found beaten, bloody, and with a bullet wound in his head, at the side of the road in a Turkish town on 2 July 2012.

Similarly, a year earlier, in 2011, three transgender activists were sentenced to prison on October 25, for ‘resisting the police.’

In 2008, Ahmet Yildiz, 26, a physics student, who represented his country at an international gay gathering in San Francisco, was shot, leaving a cafe near the Bosphorus strait. He died. It was believed to be an honor killing.

‘Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons in Turkiye face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT persons. Same-sex sexual activity was legalized in the time of the Ottoman Empire and homosexual activity has always been a legal act since the modernization of Turkiye, which began in 1923.

LGBT people have had the right to seek asylum in Turkiye, under the Geneva Convention since 1951, but same-sex couples, are not given the same legal protections, available to opposite-sex couples.’ (Source: Wikipedia).

The Turkish government and police authorities remain silent and are yet to take LGBT rights seriously. Critics have stated that the police, Turkiye’s legal system, and the courts, are complicit in LGBT hate crimes.


Post Script:

In more recent events, of 2016, Turkish authorities have shot and killed in excess of 10 refugees, including several children, who were fleeing war-torn Syria, which has been caused by Western military intervention, in seeking regime change.

In addition, at this year’s 2016 LGBT parade, police again, fired rubber bullets, and used tear gas, and water cannons, yet again, on attendees.

Not only this, but Erdoğan, has recently seen to the removal of a university professor from her post for criticising him, for his abuse of human rights and freedom of expression, to criticise his policies and dictatorship.


As Turkiye is seeking to hasten its membership of the EU community, and the EU appears happy to acquiesce, I would strongly urge anyone reading this article, to sign the petition below, to prevent this from happening, until such time, as Turkiye reforms its Human Rights record:





Article by Jason Schumann, aka @debatingculture






Britain’s Viliest Troll: Andrea da Silva, aka @_AndreaUrbanFox

6 Mar

[All images publicly available on the interwebz]


Some of the following content has been copied from the encyclopedia dramatica website and is reposted here in good faith.


@_AndreaUrbanFox is a self-proclaimed “Dangerous Talker” and blogger/loser/spammer/stalker from London who suddenly decided she was a victim of Trent Reznor @ Twitter. The old Brazilian fart claimed she “only” wanted to make people aware of thousands of Brazil flood victims (boohoo) and decided to bring attention to them by shitting all over Trent’s own charity efforts. Brilliant! This led to her being “attacked” by Reznor on Twitter for being a total fucktard. She also conveniently forgot that she had been calling Trent’s woman Mariqueen a chick with a dick before Trent called her out for being a sad, little troll desperate for attention and blog hits.

Her hobbies include being hated everywhere she goes on da webz, whining about censorship, talking to her numerous friends, getting booted fromsocial networking sites for being an insufferable cunt, and airbrushing the everlasting shit out of her pictures.



The lulz

Trent responded to the offending attack tweet with this pearl of wisdom and lulz: “You know what else sucks? You.” The plump troll didn’t approve of this and started an epic internet crusade against Trent Reznor and Mariqueen on Twitter. Hate, lulz, and bitter fangirl tears showed up all over da webz. Andrea put her sausage-like fingers to work and produced a metric fuckton of blogs about Trent Reznor and how he has ruined her life. The blog feedback was positive, with comments ranging from “It’s ok. I guess.” to “sry. thought this was” After all the attention theslightly overweight (lol) transvestite pig got, Andrea became even more of a psychoticobsessedcunttroll and continues to stalk and harass both Trent Reznor and Mariqueen on Twitter and her blog.

I can guarantee I am far from being a nutty fan. I enjoy the music very much but have no feelings towards reznor and am very happy he is to be married
—AndreaUrbanFox – Caught in another lie.


Reading Andrea’s Twitter page is akin to poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick. Repeatedly.

Jew #Eric Jew The dude’s dead, he doesn’t need itlol.
@trent_reznor Any good cock come your way or just @mariqueen `s?
@Sarinninja you`re SO gay for @trent_reznor dude! He digs Asian ladyboys….you game? LOL
are you sure @mariqueen isnt a ladyboy?It looks like one.Would make sense too cos I always thought @trent_reznor was gay 😉

Andrea doesn’t care about black people people who need heart transplants:

I cant say I care much for Eric or his family, sorry.
—AndreaUrbanFox via some shitty blog.

Obviously she gets totally fucked up when she smokes her crack, since she apparently has her blonde moments:

what’s the stupidest thing you’ve done while under the influence?:
—totally true story according to herself!

The Reznor Factor: Motivations Explained

Andrea likes to pretend that her preoccupation with Reznor is not in anyway related to her desire to FUCK HIM LIKE AN ANIMAL. The internets say otherwise.


Obsession breeds insanity and lulz:

I had a dream about you. In the dream we go out for a romantic meal.I think it was a japonese restaurant because they seated us in a little closed off booth…very cosy…very private…We enjoyed our food with a nice bottle of ice cold sake……I kick of my heels without you noticing a thing and started to gently rub my feet up and down your legs….Slowly moving up inside your trouser legs….You acted surprise at first but then smiled at me as if daring me to go further….We maintain eye contact all the time…No words were spoken….All we needed to say to each other was said with our eyes…..I get a bit braver.. started rubbing my feet in your lap….I can feel you getting bigger and I press down a little harder and you let go a deep sigh, almost a groan…..Then you unbutton your fly and lean back…..You are in ecstasy…. I can feel you, hot and big in between my feet….I can see the pleasure the lust in your eyes….I want more, you want more……But the waitress comes into out booth….We compose ourselves & pay the bill and leave giggling, happy, horny…..It’s raining outside….We’re both feeling very horny…..Gagging to feel, to taste each other….You grab me as we walk down the street….Pushing me up against a bus shelter.. ..It’s late and the rain is getting stronger….There is nobody about….We start to kiss passionately…. Our hands moving all over each others bodies…Again we become totally turned on…Your hand up my skirt….My hand inside your trousers….We almost reach our climax…..but we just stop ourselves…….
AndreaUrbanFox wants da sex with Trent Reznor, From A Dreamers Dream blog entry.

Comments to this blogentry = teh win:

Trent Reznor reads your blog?
JoeE Jack WagnerA Dreamers Dream
If he does all he needs to do is drop me a line and I will gladly tell him the rest of the dream which I cant possible blog 😉
AndreaUrbanFoxA Dreamers Dream
Dreams with intent = reality ! 🙂
Wizard&ParadoxA Dreamers Dream

if only ………

AndreaUrbanFoxA Dreamers Dream

Andrea’s views on Scottish people after a bin lorry driver accidentally killed four people in Glasgow, which happened over the Christmas holiday period in 2014:

download (1)

Reliable sources tells us she is related to Mark David Chapman[1], the famous über 1337 stalker (which is obvious if you look at the picture.)


Here is one of Andrea’s troll accounts:

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 10.57.06

Stupid Andrea even used her own email address to set up @trollarama. I mean, how dumb can you get?

When she was found out, and it became public, she quickly changed it to a fake email address of the person she set up the account to harass and troll.

Andrea has since changed the name of her @trollarama account to @RTingbot. She runs the account along with Zionist Islamophobe Ambrosine Shitrit.

Andrea is very antiMuslim and quite vocal about her hate of Muslims and Islam. Here she calls all Muslims cocksuckers and homicidal:

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 20.30.26

Andrea’s online abuse and harassment is so offensive, she isn’t even welcome in her local church anymore:

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 21.01.59.png


Updated 18 February 2017:

As of the date above, I am aware Andrea has coincidentally (cough!) decided to renew her interest in this blog post about her online abuse and harassment of myself and others. 

I know exactly what she is up to, why she has decided to revisit, and with whom she is working to cause me further distress, harm,  and inconvenience. 

Well, Andrea et al, it won’t work! If you stupidly decide to make false and malicious reports about me, I will ruin you.

By ruin you, I mean I will follow up on the police reports I have made about you and your disgusting references in relation to my HIV status and seek a criminal prosecution against you.

In case you are unaware, Andrea, HIV is classified as a disability, therefore, your tweets about me having AIDS on my brain is not only a malicious communication but also a hate crime.

Seriously, Andrea, do not test me!

You have been warned. I suggest that you heed it!


When will she learn…. to be continued!

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