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Zionist Lobby: Tim Farron, Liberal Democrats Party Leader, and the Sacking of David Ward, MP

27 Apr

[Published May 2017]


On the 26 April, 2017, Tim Farron, leader of the UK Liberal Democrats, announced on Twitter that he had ‘sacked’ David Ward from the party.

Initially, Farron was reported as having stated that he was unable to intervene in local party politics or selection processes. Ward was to stand for election in the parliamentary seat of Bradford East on the 08 June, 2017.

However, after pressure from Sir Eric Pickles, the UK’s Special Envoy to Israel and Chair of Conservative Friends of Israel, and the ‘behind-the-scenes’ intervention of the nefarious and meddling Campaign Against AntiSemitism (CAA), Farron decided to do an extraordinary u-turn, calling Ward ‘unfit to stand and represent the Party.

Ward is known to be very critical of the apartheid state of Israel and his comments have been somewhat hard-hitting and possibly unpleasant to some sensitive ears. For example, the year before Israel’s Protective Edge slaughtered more than 2,400 Palestinian including 500 children with the illegal use of White Phosphorus, Ward said:

“Am I wrong or are am I right? At long last the Zionists are losing the battle – how long can the apartheid State of Israel last?”


Prior to Farron’s u-turn on the matter, Mark Wallace, editor of Conservative Home, called his decision not to sack Ward “bullshit”. Not content with attacking Farron, Wallace then went on a tirade of abuse aimed at Ward, saying: “maybe fuck-off now, you weapons-grade scumbag” and posting a link to his blog about him.

Sadly, Wallace is under some illusion (a spell or cognitive dissonance?) and claims Ward’s comments about the insidiousness of Zionism, the Lobby, and Israel’s persistent Human Rights abuses amount to racism.

Possibly knowing that he or a colleague would be attending a meeting with the Liberal Democrats to discuss Ward, Stephen “Slitherman” Silverman, director of prosecutions and investigations for CAA, and a known harasser of women, was on hand to comment on Wallace’s abuse, suggesting he already knew what would happen to Ward.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 15.25.58.png


Slitherman and CAA also enlisted the assistance of Martin Greig, a Liberal Democrat councillor in Scotland, the day before the announcement of Ward’s sacking.

Greig offered to intervene and act as go-between between CAA and the Liberal Democrats in a separate matter. As you can see in the above screenshot, CAA asked Greig to contact them by email regarding the meeting to discuss Ward as well as others matters.

We can reasonably assume, therefore, that Ward’s sacking was as a direct consequence and outcome of CAA’s meeting with the Liberal Democrats, Pickles challenging Farron in Parliament; and perhaps to a lesser extent, Greig’s role as an intermediary.

CAA was set up as a fake charity in 2014 by Gideon Falter after Israel’s Operation Protective Edge assault on Gaza. As stated earlier, Protective Edge massacred 2,400 Palestinians to further Israel’s efforts to legitimise its suppression of the Palestinian peoples’ right to self-determination and illegal expansionism and occupation of Palestine.

By lobbying in this way, to sack a member of a political party and prevent him from standing as a member of parliament, CAA is in fact in breach of charity law, as charity law clearly prevents such lobbying.

In addition, as it would appear that CAA is very much involved in lobbying activities, there is also a legal requirement for it to be registered as a lobbying organisation.

Notably, the charity, Greenpeace, was recently fined £30,000 for refusing to register as a lobbying organisation.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 16.12.32.png


There is currently no evidence to confirm that CAA is also registered as a lobbying organisation, so it is also in breach of its requirement to register under the Administration Act of 2014.

CAA is part of an offensive to shut down any form of debate, criticism, or challenge to Israel’s Human Rights abuses and illegal occupation and ongoing settlement expansion programme. It is directly linked to the World Zionist Organisation and has been tasked specifically with the purpose of shutting down free speech in Britain under the guise of false claims of antiSemitism.

It also actively seeks to impose a definition of antiSemitism which prohibits any criticism of Israel and comparison of Israel to the Nazis or an apartheid/ fascist state.

CAA also actively lobbied for the expulsion of Baroness Jenny Tonge from the Liberal Democrats Party.

Author: Jason Schumann

















When Freedom of Speech is Forfeit: A Road to Equality and Tolerance

29 Nov

The view of many Westerners is that it is a given right that they be permitted to say what they like about anything and anyone; and should be permitted to do so without hindrance or interference from the state. From religion, to culture, politics and humanity. Quite clearly, this is largely due to the increasing prevalence of devices such as secularist ideology, societal fragmentation, the rise of social media, and greater social and cultural freedoms.

These individuals, more often than not, internet trolls and libertarian types, who espouse such views to attack anyone and anything- with their growing sense of social disobedience and dissociative individuality- are quite happy to post cruel images and comments of Jews, Muslims, women and others online- without thought or consideration for the morality of what has been posted or offence or intrusion caused. They are more than content to incite, promote and instil indifference, hate and intolerance in the rest of us. They say it is their right to cause such offence- to stir up tensions; create discord; and ferment cultural, religious and ethnic divisions- because secular society and political freedom affords them this right. I say otherwise.

I, myself, occasionally swear; because I can and that is my right. But there is a difference and swearing to express outrage or emphasize a point is a world away from deliberately going out of one’s way to cause offence and believing it is right. We are all free to challenge or criticise… and even mock those with whom we disagree; or swear at those who insult or offend us. That is a right we all deserve; that should not be challenged or controlled by the state, or its institutions. Of this, there is no doubt.

The issue is, when the right to freedom of speech crosses an important line of social conduct. What is crossing a line? Crossing a line is the deliberate vilification, harassment, intimidation, incitement or humiliation of another, because they can and not because it is right or called for. But some of these individuals think it is perfectly acceptable to libel someone or speak in a derogatory fashion; that may be either racist, sexist or homophobic. These individuals think it is totally acceptable to denigrate and ridicule anything or anyone… because of their belief in freedom of speech. They believe it is perfectly acceptable to perpetuate social, cultural, religious and ethnic stereotypes that entrench our divisions and create and maintain difference and discord.

What they are blind to see or refuse to accept, is that their firm belief in freedom of speech, is often demonstrably detrimental to the society as a whole and demonstrates a complete abandonment of moral compass, mutual respect and coexistence and our increasing intolerance of one another. This is a retrograde step for any progressive, inclusive and tolerant society.

Note to these trolls and libertarians: Your freedom of speech is forfeit when you entrench or create division; attack anyone without justification; smear people; and prevent humanity reaching a peaceful and mutually acceptable point of progression where we, humans, can exist without hate or inequality. This benefits us all, so to hell with your freedom of speech. There is no such thing without respect and consideration to the rest of us. Your ‘right’ harms us all and holds us all back in seeking global, peaceful coexistence.

Author: Jason Schumann.

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