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A Prediction: Trump, the Muslim Ban and an Imminent Attack 

12 Feb


[Updated 07 April, 2017] 

When I blogged ‘Trump: A Walking Disaster’ after his election win, I made some pretty bold but clear comments about things that would happen during his presidency, including several catastrophic predictions in the likely fallout that may follow for the rest of us.

Already, we are less than a month into this ‘Mad Hatter’s tea-party’ state of affairs, and the signs are showing that my predictions are beginning to bear out in what may well become a global nightmare.

I ask you, 20 executive orders in his first 10-days in public office?

This man isn’t a world leader interested in diplomacy, peace, and global stability.

He’s a self-interested, narcissist, autocrat, and dictator. It is no exaggeration to state, that every single one of these 20 diktats signed by Trump, either benefits him personally – or is intended to undo peace, equity, and stability – whether domestically, or globally.

One of these orders was to place a blanket ban on the citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries travelling or emigrating to the United States. This was on the cards as one of his election promises, so it isn’t really a prediction, at all.

What is a prediction, however, is what may well come next; and I am not the only one saying or thinking it may actually happen!

And no, I am not talking about any diplomatic, tit-for-tat, spats or sanctions being imposed on US exports or markets, or condemnation by world leaders. This type of response was always a given in such circumstances — no matter who the president, or the country!

In response to his defeat; first, in the lower, district court and subsequent defeat in the federal circuit appeals court, Trump took it personally and let his own prediction be known (of the possible outcome) of the Court’s ‘defiance’ of his ‘authoriteh’, in its refusal to uphold and reinstate the ban.

In a rather prophetic and his usual manner of ill-concerned twattering, Trump tweeted, that the ruling is ‘bad’ and that ‘the United States security is at stake’.

He followed this up with another tweet, stating that if an event was to occur – by which he means a terrorist attack – it should be the Courts and the Judiciary that are held accountable for such a travesty.

Trump’s prediction here – if, indeed, there is one – is whether or not there will be an imminent attack on US soil.

Has an attack been pre-planned? Has it already been set in motion? Does Trump have any knowledge of such an attack? If it were to happen imminently, who planned it? What will be the repercussions?

Had the ban remained in place and there been an attack at some point in the immediate future, you could have blamed Trump, himself. Now you can’t, because he’s shifted the blame and responsibility if it does.

So, who benefits and who loses if his apparent prophecy occurs?

As the most unpopular president of all time, how timely (and how much of a coincidence) would it be, if there were an imminent major terrorist attack in the US?

The outcome (of such an act) would see sweeping and fundamental changes across the whole of America, including wholesale reform of the legal system and judiciary and a reintroduction of the ban.

As Trump, and his inner circle, have already sounded out and made mutterings regarding sanctions against Iran and Yemen, it would likely mean these two countries get the blame, which would give Trump the reason to justify another prolonged US-led, engineered invasion and murderous war.

Only time will tell if Trump’s and my predictions become a reality, but it’s food for thought!

You can bet if they do, that it will not be a coincidence.

As if by magic my predictions come true! Trump is bombing Syria after a chemical attack orchestrated by the White House. 

The article below has since been removed from the paper’s website. 

Trump is doing exactly what he once advised Obama specifically not to do. Who benefits? Yes, you guessed it! 

As I write this update, news has just come in that Russia has sent a war ship to confront two US destroyers in the Mediterranean. 

Author: Jason Schumann

I remove the word ‘attack’ from the headline. 

















Iran: International outcast and nuclear bad boy

30 Mar

Yes, Iran and Syria are, or appear to be, the bad boys in the international school playground. What with accusations of funding terrorism, persecuting citizens, antagonizing neighbours and the international community, reported attempts at stalling the middle east peace process, and generally not playing ball. For Iran, international concerns are centred on terrorism funding- to disrupt peace in the Middle East and other regions- and its ongoing nuclear proliferation programme. We should acknowledge that the former is more hush-hush from public view, for obvious diplomatic reasons, but it is always referred to when mentioned in conjunction with the latter.

One of the primary incendiaries for such contention is in the possible implosion of the Middle East process and, more importantly, the position and proximity of Israel in the region and the perceived threat of Islamic state sponsored terrorism to destabilize the Israeli government in efforts to free Palestinians from its grasp. A little simplistic, but it basically covers a key point of the causes of instability and disagreements between Middle Eastern countries when adding the presence of Israel to the equation. Of course there are other major factors contributing to discord in the region, including religious and cultural divisions between Jews, Arabs and Muslims alike.

Though, of the five or so “official” nations with nuclear capability- Iran is not one of them- and no one wants it to be either. Neither is Israel an “official” nation with nuclear capability, for that matter. However, let’s not forget that Iran’s nuclear programme got off the ground with the help and support of the United States. That is, until that United States switched sides to Israel after the Iranian revolution, and continues to promote the efforts and interests of Israel in light of recent Islamic terrorist threats. This is not to say that such threats are perpetrated by those such as Syria and Iran, but that Iran’s nuclear capability would certainly tip the balance- in further threatening the position and sovereignty of Israel as a lone state in the region full of Arabs, tribal groups, and Muslim factions.

Israel’s position is, therefore, to maintain its sovereignty which, no doubt stems from a persistent insecurity and block thinking of continued persecution that Jewish people have suffered throughout history at the hands others who would deny Israel its right to existence. Incidentally, we could blame the British and the Americans for all of the present situation. After all, it was Britain and the United States that gave Israel and the Jewish people their independence after the Second World War, much to dissatisfaction of the Palestinians and others in the region.

Israel’s attempts to prevent the nuclear proliferation of Iran are perhaps valid, but to what extent? Does the international community condone Israel’s assassinations of Iran’s scientists, engineers, and politicians? There is much evidence of this, including Israeli threats to launch rocket attacks on Iran. If so, then why is it more outrageous that Iran should defend itself in the same way?

Surely, the Middle East peace process should be brought to its conclusion through negotiation? Could it not be then, that Israel and Iran, both having nuclear capability, can be an instrument and key factor in forcing a peaceful conclusion? As far as the laws of the playground go, it would appear that, whilst Israel thinks it is the victim, it is the international community that is actually treating Iran as the victim.

There is no simple answer, as to how best to resolve this situation, but it is certainly not to deride and make Iran appear the bad guy, especially when Israel may be considered just as guilty of wrongdoing. This is purely a case of, we can have nuclear, but you cannot, in this author’s view, anyway. Time to grow up, kids! Put down your weapons and play nicely!

Author: Jason Schumann

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